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Sunrise this morning.  These are raw pictures with no editing or color manipulation.  It was that pretty of a sunrise.  All taken with my point and shoot Cannon as I wait for the UPS truck to appear in the driveway with my good camera repaired again.  The little point and shoot did pretty good this morning

I see the 2012 calendar picture

Nothing like a good back scratch at sunrise in the middle of the lake


Uhhh Ohhh Troy walking down the driveway with a tool and a flashlight… never a good thing…


Victim of the cold this morning at -20 actual temp was Restawhile’s water lines.  Went to clean the cabin today and no water….  luckily it was not rented yet this weekend so panic did not set in too much.  We also lost hot water in our kitchen sink in the house which always happens when it goes sub zero.  After toting water to do the breakfast dishes from the bathroom, Troy got a heater pointed at our pipes and got hot water moving again.  Sure makes you appreciate hot running water when you loose it.  Restawhile thankfully warmed up with the afternoon sun and water came back on, on its own.  Can’t wait to see some 30’s this weekend!

The other victim of the cold was Steve’s car.  His ancient blue Jetta with 300+ thousand miles does not start below -5.  He gave his old car til 10am to start at which time he threatened old blue with a few words and that he would take his wife’s car instead.  Old Blue responded to the threat and the exact warmed up temp of – 5 and started right up.


Can  you feel the cold through the camera lens?

Speaking of camera lens’s…  Some may remember my favorite prized Cannon Rebel went in for cleaning a couple of weeks ago..  It came back through UPS last week.. I ran to open the box excited to have my camera back and….  took it out of the box looking all spanky clean to find my LCD screen smashed…  my heart stopped and a quick call to Best Buy where I bought it.  Found out I had to once again drive to Wausau to drop it off for them to fix and it would be returned by UPS to me.  Well dropped it off yesterday hopefully it comes back in one piece working good.  In the meantime I have given up on Katie’s Nikon the auto focus is not working and I am back to my point and shoot Cannon.  Anxiously waiting to see the UPS truck back in the driveway with my fixed camera.  So if the pictures look a little grainy or a little off you know the rest of the story


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Sunrise this morning at -20 with a -30 windchill.  Did the schools call off…. nope, it is only a half day and they all stayed on in our area.  I have folks going out for their first time snowmobiling today.  What a day to pick to be your first time.  Thankfully there are all sorts to spots to stop on the way to warm up.  We have another cabin of brave icefishermen, hope they brought their heater


This is a good example of how much snow has come down the last couple of days.  Looking at the National Weather Service they are calling for an additional 5 inches between now and Saturday morning inch today, tonight and then Friday night 3 inches.


Bearskin trail in Hazelhurst this morning.  Talked to John the Groomer guy and he said they are going to groom for the first time tonight and he thinks the trails will be decent this weekend for snowmobiling.  If snowmobiling is decent then x country skiing should be awesome they need much less snow to operate and we may even get out on the ski trails this weekend as well


In other news, Mark and Ted have been staying in Muskie and enjoying the new furniture but told Craig that to really enjoy the Packer’s play off game, Muskie really needed a bigger TV to go with the furniture.  So Craig took a trip to town.


Ooo la la it fits!


Mark was in Rollie and Helens shopping for fishing this summer and came across the newest and greatest lure that was just being delivered to the store by the maker.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it looks cool, but will Muskie’s find it desirable?  Maybe the Arm Chair Fisherman in Virginia will have to check it out


Mark even got the box signed by the guy who made them.  He was officially the first person to ever buy one


Happy New Year from a cold windy Lower Kaubashine


Drifting snow over our ice skating rink.  Nobody is in a hurry to got down and get it back in shape


The beach covered in waves of ice


As my fingers were ready to freeze to the camera button, I caught this picture of the wind whipping up the snow by the boats


Little snow tornado on the other side of the lake.  We had a light dusting of snow last night and that is what is whipping around on the lake.  The rest of the snow is about 6 inches deep or so I think and crusty after the rain and freezing rain.


Perfect lake for ice fishing right now, no snow to trudge through.  Tom at Hilltop has marked the lake for sledding


The light dusting of snow we got last night.  They do have clipper systems in the forecast for next week nothing big but hopefully enough to repair some of the damage done to the trails


Mack playing in the snow with a friend.  This is the way most of our area looks for snow right now it is a hard crusty snow but mainly covers the ground.  I am guessing it is ok for x country skiing once they regroom and break it up.  Snowmobiling though is going to take more snow in the forecast


Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine


The tracks speak for themselves as to how busy the lake has been.  Still not marked for snowmobiles but that is not stopping anyone from venturing on the lake.  Personally I feel better when I see the markers out there


Trying to figure out what is going on in this picture… a dock that is marked for open water or an ice skating rink… not sure and not venturing across the lake to find out


Squirrel recovering from being flipped off my bird feeder by the squirrel flipper.  Wish I had a picture of it flying in the air off the feeder but this is the best I could come up with a confused and frustrated squirrel peering in our window wondering what happened

Hard to see all this great snow and wonder if the rain on Friday will ruin it.  Looking at the weather reports I was happy to see they lowered our temps and are talking about more freezing rain/drizzle and wrap around snow.  Can we escape the rain… stay tuned!

Today’s pics are all sent in as favorite vacation pictures from this year.  Thanks for sharing!


This picture was sent in by Ellen Krueger as her favorite from the porch of Birchwood.  She fell in love with the view and Birchwood’s porch on her first trip this year to the resort


Rob Moore and I have the same camera and are always exchanging ideas on photos.  Kudos to Rob for these great leaf pics taken down by Holiday’s piers


Another of Rob’s great pics


The now infamous Christmas in July party.  Thanks to Rich and Gloria for reminding us how warm? July was this year and how good Murry looks in antlers


Nathan Ament shared this great picture of his son Noah down by Bear Den


The motley crew of children minus a few babies who had adults out numbered at Bear Den this summer when the Ament crew arrived.  Keeping up with these 5 plus new babies was quite a task…


Linda Hoadley on the left sent in this group of pictures taken with Gloria and Carol holding Katie’s twins Max and Sam who will be turning 7 in February.


Linda could not resist sending in this picture of when her favorite Northwoods guy, Beaver, came to visit her in Georgia and she and Gary showed Beaver the town.  Where is that damn Beaver….


The Tungett family in their annual picture.  Linda, Carol, Roy in the front and Gary and Laura in the back


Danny Hoadley a few years ago showing his big catch.  He is now in basic training in Chicago for the Navy.  Good luck Danny!  Hope to see you this summer


Tom Hixson and Roy Tungett with the traveling horseshe trophy.  See you all this summer for horseshoes 2011

Anyone else have favorite vacation pictures to share on Lower Kaubashine send them to and I will post them tomor


Mack would like to report it is dang cold outside


The lake is as cold as it looks


One thing this weather is good for is making Ice Candles.  Troy has his production line going with buckets of water in time to have plenty done for Christmas


The only warm thing outside the smoke stacks going full steam.


Just in time for winter the resort truck made it back from the plow guy who installed a plow on to it.  Good thing as we have 13 inches of snow in the forecast for Saturday.  Steve was happy to test it out and break it in on the 2 inches that came down over night.  We had been waiting for the truck to come back to put up our Christmas decorations on the gate


The truck is the only way to reach the top of the gate safely


Christmas bells going up


One individual that could careless about the truck.  He ran for the hills when Steve tested the plow out.  The scary sounds from the plow dragging across the ground made Mack scurry away like a bear was chasing him.  He would come no closer than this to the truck.  You can see the abstinent look of “no way am I coming anywhere near that white machine of noise”



Starting to look more like Christmas with white covering the ground



In the continuous list of little fix it jobs being done this time of year, I am happy to let everyone in Brichwood know that Steve and Troy got the ceiling tile replaced in the lakeside bedroom.  It had been stained with rain water last spring when Craig was replacing the roof.  They have their sights set on a a few other ceiling tile issues in other cabins like Bayview

13 inches of snow I am sure tomorrow will be a blog full of snow in the pines pictures check out this site for a neat way of enjoying the Northwoods with Llama treking in Phillips.  I have seen this featured on Discover Wisconsin and it looks like fun.  It is about an hour from the resort.  I can see next summer heading off on a trek.  They also have a funny blog about dressing up their llamas for the Christmas parade as camels that you might find funny and a fun blog to watch


Temps have dipped and lake effect snow came down yesterday.  We picked up an inch or so of fluffy dry snow





Looks like someone or something has been out on the lake and it might be safe… may have to get the skates out later and find out