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The Moore family was up this weekend to enjoy some quiet time before Christmas and some shopping.  They would like Doug to know that Vicki behaved herself all weekend and did not cheat at cards… ok maybe a little…..


They amazed me with what they had squirreled away for the weekend in the cabinet.


Steve proudly admiring the new floor he and Troy installed in Shamrock.  All sorts of measurements and cuts to do and it made it in just fine.  Craig will be happy to see their work


We had a light dusting of snow come through yesterday and last night.  Everything looks white but it would be nice to see more of it.  If it is going to be cold and the lake frozen over then we should have the snow to go with it


Mack looking out at the quietness and that dang frozen lake, wondering when the resort will get exciting again with friends for him.  He will have to wait a couple of weeks for the first of the Christmas/New Years folks to arrive.   We still have a few cabins left for Christmas if the thought of family coming to your house scares you, escape to the woods.  Christmas is at our lowest rates of the year starting at 115/night for Restawhile, 165/night for Shamrock, Kaubashine and Wigwam at 175/night up to the 26th when we go to Holiday rates.  There are still openings December 26 – 2nd but they are filling up so give a call if you were thinking of coming up at that time


View off the hill this morning.  Lake frozen over with bare spots.  We have rain/freezing rain/snow/sleet coming in the next few days.  It will be interesting to see how this view changes



Who is still boycotting frozen water?


Usual view of the snag and the Point


Tracks of I think a bunny on the lake.  I think it would have supported stepping out on the lake but I was not going to be the first one


Ok I came down…. but don’t ask me to step off land and no way I am putting a paw on that ice


Brave bunny tracks heading down by Holiday and Norway


How long is this supposed to last?  Where are my steps into the water?  I vote for becoming a snowbird dog and heading to the south where swimming in lakes is year round and nobody turns a perfectly good lake into a hard pancake..


One very frozen over lake.  It may just stay this way til spring




You may think this is a picture of a dog but it is actually of a chicken who does not want anything to do with a frozen lake.  It may take til January to get him to put a paw on the lake.  I do not have my doggy barometer this year to tell me when the ice is safe.  I knew it was safe after Poe investigated it and would either step out on the ice or back up.  Mack is not interested in doing any investigation.  Maybe when he gets older and wiser and plucks a few chicken feathers out of his coat he will be able to make his own judgements.  Til then he can roost in his nest at the perch with the look of “No way in ____ am I coming down to that strange stiff water…  I am a water dog not a skating dog… bring back the normal water”


We had rain yesterday which has been followed by a light snow that is continuing to come down.  I think it will be a white Thanksgiving, question is will the lake freeze over during the weekend.  We do still have a few cabins open if anyone is looking to escape the relatives for the woods


Bayview in the light snow


check out this link for a winter snow and cold prediction


Sunrise this morning with clouds and snow coming down.  The sun managed to peak through for a few minutes to make an awesome sunrise.  Took this between Muskie an Bayview


I took this picture with the flash on and it really shows the flakes coming down


Same picture of Wigwam without the flash, the delay made it a little blurry but shows the snow accumulating


Birchwood in the light snow


The last of the blue dock waiting to come out in the snow


Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine


This link will take you to a video of Beef A Rama 2009.  It will give you an idea of just how crazy this festival is.  Youtube has other videos of Beef A Rama if you search for them

Fall Color

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I had been eyeing up these leaves for a couple of days with the half change, brilliant red offset by the deep green of the evergreen


Woods starting to come alive with color

More pictures to come when the sun comes out

I had a correction on the mushroom from yesterday from Linda in Atlanta.  Thanks Linda!  Steve told me the correct name but I forgot it and it does look like a head not a Hen

Hen of the Woods Mushroom
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(Scientific Name: Grifola frondosa) Shades of gray-brown, white and tan decorate
the layers of wrinkled caps on this delicate Asian mushroom, which grows
multiple long stems from the base upwards as it forms a large leafy head.
Unusual in shape, the Hen of the Woods typically grows at the base of hardwood
tree trunks, extending outward from the tree trunk and forming multiple layers
of caps as it grows. Instead of gills beneath the cap, the Hen of the Woods
develops tubes that extend down onto the stem. As it grows, the mushroom
develops layers of small frilly caps or it may grow as larger flat, protruding
disk-like caps, that in total may weigh from several pounds to over 50 pounds.

Succulent, large and firm in texture, this mushroom has a strong earthy or musty
aroma, providing a flavor that is bold, somewhat nutty and very similar to a
Portobello. It is a variety of fungus that is often valued for it’s health
benefits due to the amount of fiber, protein, and vitamins B and C that it
contains. However, it is best to use some caution when eating the Hen of the
Woods, as it may cause stomach discomfort for those who are sensitive or
allergic to various mushrooms. Therefore, consume only a small amount initially
if there is a concern for a reaction to the meat of this species.

At times this mushroom may be confused with the Chicken of the Woods mushroom,
but it is not the same mushroom. When cleaning this mushroom, wash it thoroughly
before cooking, since its leafy shape provides numerous areas that hold dirt and
particles. It can be immersed in a bowl of water and shaken to loosen particles
or it can be run under a faucet to clean it thoroughly. To prepare, cut the
mushroom into strips or dice it. It is a mushroom that can be sautéed in butter
or oil, baked or pickled, but should be well cooked to soften the tough texture.
Commonly prepared as a side dish as well as added to pasta, noodles or other
foods, it is also a good mushroom for use as an ingredient in soups or food
stuffings and eggs. For storage, keep it refrigerated, placed in a paper bag or
placed fresh on a metal rack so all sides are exposed to cool air. The Hen of
the Woods is also known as Ram’s Head, Sheep’s Head, Maitake, or Kumotake


Walked down to the lake to catch the lake mists this morning.  Enjoy the pictures





I like the reflection of the clouds in the lake with the mists



I took this same picture yesterday and the change in the scenery with the leaves is amazing



More pictures like these to come as the lake slowly cools off from summer


Woke up this morning to condensation on the windows, it went down to 39 degrees last night.  It was a good night for woodstoves and fireplaces.  We have been spoiled the last few Labor Day weekends with temps in the 80’s.  The high on Saturday was 59, but Sunday was improving to 70 degrees


Sun came out early to warm things up


Kayaks were out on the lake early enjoying the sun


Mac found some friends to play with it was doggie wrestling in the cool morning with Carmella and Cooper.


I am loving the resort dogs life


Young pup wearing out the old lady Carmella.  One growl from Carmella has Mac behaving himself


The Oberman family did a take over of the treehouse coming in fully armed to the teeth


Someone forgot to arm the twins Samuel and Adam but I think their relatives are packing enough heat to defend them from a hostile take over


Reach for the Sky or we will shoot


Away from the military take over of the playground, Jackie and Emma were enjoying the sunshine as the afternoon sun heated things up


It was warm enough for an afternoon of skiing fun for the Oberman family, no guns involved


This is the way to enjoy a Labor Day weekend.  Not a care in the world enjoying the last rays of summer