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The Heiniken guys were here this weekend led by Phil Z, they headed out fishing with Barry Klatt from BK Guide Service who lives on Lower Kaubashine and has fished it his entire life.  They boated 3 really nice muskies this week with the above one being the biggest at 48 inches.  I believe I have seen this monster a few times floating through the swimming area looking for bluegills.  It was released back into Lower Kaubashine to continue to terrorize bluegills

They also boated a 45 inch muskie and I am not sure if this is a picture of the previous fish or the 45

Carefully pulling the next fish out of the net

This 34 incher had seen a few battles recently with others over bluegills

Releasing the fish back into the lake

Hats off to a good day of fishing and a cold Heiniken.  Til Spring.  If you are interested in a guide look Barry up at   It is especially nice if you want to get to know Lower Kaubashine by a local for the hot spots.  Barry also fishes all the other lakes in the area as well

Billy Borger has been coming up to Lower Kaubashine more years than he would like me to broadcast.  Every year he manages to get a nice muskie like this and always looks like a kid in the candy shop.  Congrats Billy.  Sure made a rainy cold week worth while.  Billy Borger, Muskie Hunter of Lower Kaubashine

You can see Jaws floating in the middle of the swimming area.  Everyone cleared out and took pictures.  Early summer is fun to see the big Muskie’s and other fish come into the shallows to spawn.  This guy has hung out for a few days attracting a few other big ones to come in.  Call him Don Juan of the swimming area

I got close enough to catch this picture.  He was not very intimidated or skittish of people on the dock

As well as Muskie’s we have the carp coming into the boat docks to spawn as well.  Jake netted these two in one scoop.  They are headed to a smoker of his best friend to be smoked before eating

It is not everyday that you can scoop out fish like this right out of the lake, and that is perhaps a good thing or none of the little kids would get in the water


I saw the sunset on the lake was amazing and headed down to the lake to take some pictures of the pink sky.  Little did I know the sunset was taking 2nd fiddle to the fish being caught at the lake.  These 2 were having fun with bluegills or anything else that would bite and enjoying the sunset


Meanwhile Jimmy Cikowski lured this muskie out of the water off Kaubashine’s dock on a surface lure just as I was coming down the steps


Turns out it was a 28 incher with a few scares in its back from fights.  Now Al is afraid Jimmy won’t get in the boat the rest of the week and will just being fishing from the shoreline


Now here would be the picture I originally came to the beach to take


After fishing in Lower Kaubashine since David was a kid he has never caught a Muskie until tonight.  David and his friend landed this 38 inch Tiger Muskie at 7pm.  What to do with a 38 inch Tiger Muskie after all the taxidermists in the area are shut down….. that was a dilema.  Until I called Save More Foods who very kindly allowed David to store the fish in their meat locker over night.  Black’s Cliff now endorses Save More Foods as the friendliest grocery store in the area willing to help a fisherman in need of a freezer at a moments notice.  Thanks SAVE MORE!!


While David was landing his big fish the rest of his group were getting ready for the big annual steak fry.  The Goldberg, Sweet, Ellis and Lustig family dinner went off as planned with the celebration of the big fish and lots of steak.  I think the annual poker game was not far behind as soon as David and his dad Dick returned from Save More


Mike Rose shared these pictures of the fish he caught this weekend.  This is officially the world’s ungliest muskie.  I think it had been in a few fights and its face came out the looser.  It was 39.5 and thrown back into Lower Kaubashine to keep scaring everyone with its ugly face


Mike was thrilled to catch the biggest Walleye he has ever caught at 25.5 inches.  A much prettier fish than the Muskie and was also released back into the depths of Lower Kaubashine


Loon stopping in for fishing tips from Mike

Thanks to Lauren, Mike’s daughter for being woken up earlier than she wanted to take pics of dad’s fish.  Thanks to the Rose family for sharing these great pictures!


This weekend we headed over to Cedar Falls 10 min from the resort to see the Muskie and Suckers spawning


The upper falls did not have any fish spawning but a while lot of frogs


We headed to the lower falls and had a lot more luck


Staring at us from the depths of the river.  Last year we missed the muskies and only saw suckers,  This year we timed it right


One big Muskie!


Notice the Muskie in the stream going up the falls.  The kids have not noticed yet.


Missing pic is the Muskie flipping up to where they are sitting and scaring them to death.  This was taken seconds afterwards as Jaws is going back into the river.


Muskie battling its way up the river


The red tipped suckers were not as active as the muskies.  They were gathered in pools below the falls waiting for the Muskies to be done


Another Muskie heading up the falls


Looking at the fins I am wondering if there is a muskie and a sucker together


We did manage to tickle one sucker out of one of the pool.

This is really a sight to see every year and one of our favorite spring things to check out


Some days it is hard to not take a good picture.  This was a perfect afternoon.  Mike Rose had the entire lake to himself and rolled one of our row boats in for a final trip out on Lower Kaubashine to find the fish of 10,000 casts.  With the new snow, calm lake and a boat, it was perfect.  Peace and Quiet.  I told Mike he was going to make everyone sitting at their desks jealous of the time and scenery he got to enjoy on Lower Kaubashine, even though he did not get a Muskie.






So happy I ran home to get the camera I had forgotten to bring along.  This is one of my favorite November Pics


You could tell it was getting a little colder around the resort over Thanksgiving.  The winter hats and gloves were spotted around the resort.  We ended up with a full house for the weekend with folks enjoying time with a family and a few hunters still trying for the big buck.  Military folks are allowed to shoot a doe and we had a nice big doe taken across the road from the resort this weekend.


Table set for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal in Birchwood


Al and Roberta enjoying the holiday and waiting for Tommy to put down the camera for everyone to eat.


This year the lake was still open, some years it is froze over by Thanksgiving.  How do you wear off a big Thanksgiving meal?  A little fishing from shore.  Tommy was trying for the fish of 10,000 casts


Al hit his 10,000th cast and brought in this small muskie.  Even a small Muskie has him grinning from ear to ear and wishing Jimmy a happy Thanksgiving back in Chicago.  Only a few months and 9,999 casts til the next muskie in May.  I think the next one will be a little bigger, either way it was fun for Al to catch one last muskie for the season

Muskie fishing, warm hats, beautiful table, pumpkin bread and family (minus Jimmy and Tina) Thanksgiving does not get much better than at the Cliff


All the pictures today came compliments of Al, Roberta, Jimmy Cikowski and of course Fritz.  The best pics of their week Muskie Fishing on Lower Kaubashine in Kaubashine


They caught the loon in mid fall plumage loosing its bright colors and heading to the boring gray they were on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico


Usually these guys have no problem boarding a few muskies during their week, but this year was slow.  The lake temps were 70 during the day and 63 at night.  They had a few roll next to the boat but were only able to board this 32 inch Muskie.  It got Jimmy on Hilltop’s Muskie board, so he was happy.  The warm weather this week definitly had the muskies lounging and not biting.  Cold temps this week should get them biting again


Hmm… any guesses as to their favorite fishing spot….  See you for Thankgiving and Ice Fishing this winter