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This weekend we headed over to Cedar Falls 10 min from the resort to see the Muskie and Suckers spawning


The upper falls did not have any fish spawning but a while lot of frogs


We headed to the lower falls and had a lot more luck


Staring at us from the depths of the river.  Last year we missed the muskies and only saw suckers,  This year we timed it right


One big Muskie!


Notice the Muskie in the stream going up the falls.  The kids have not noticed yet.


Missing pic is the Muskie flipping up to where they are sitting and scaring them to death.  This was taken seconds afterwards as Jaws is going back into the river.


Muskie battling its way up the river


The red tipped suckers were not as active as the muskies.  They were gathered in pools below the falls waiting for the Muskies to be done


Another Muskie heading up the falls


Looking at the fins I am wondering if there is a muskie and a sucker together


We did manage to tickle one sucker out of one of the pool.

This is really a sight to see every year and one of our favorite spring things to check out


All the pictures today came compliments of Al, Roberta, Jimmy Cikowski and of course Fritz.  The best pics of their week Muskie Fishing on Lower Kaubashine in Kaubashine


They caught the loon in mid fall plumage loosing its bright colors and heading to the boring gray they were on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico


Usually these guys have no problem boarding a few muskies during their week, but this year was slow.  The lake temps were 70 during the day and 63 at night.  They had a few roll next to the boat but were only able to board this 32 inch Muskie.  It got Jimmy on Hilltop’s Muskie board, so he was happy.  The warm weather this week definitly had the muskies lounging and not biting.  Cold temps this week should get them biting again


Hmm… any guesses as to their favorite fishing spot….  See you for Thankgiving and Ice Fishing this winter