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Something is missing from this picture….. big and orange……


Raft broke free and went for a trip into the shoreline



Troy going for a walk in the shoreline to rescue the raft.  Question is do the wadders leak?  Mack was trying to figure out what in the world was Troy doing walking around in the strange green pants


Jake coming to give his first raft tow.  Paul take notes


Towing it backwards actually makes the steering easier.  There was no wind to make this a truly entertaining experience


So how cold is the water?



Raft tied up in temporary dry dock for the winter.  Rumor has it the white dock is heading out in a couple of days.  Troy is marking the dry, non leaky wadders he has on


Color on the lake path is great!


Yep it snowed last night…. I love the 4 seasons and the beauty of all 4 seasons.  Mixing the beauty of the previous season with the current season though is not my favorite…. but I tried to find the beauty in the day….


Trees bent from the weight of the wet snow.  I am surprised to managed to  not loose power with all the limbs and trees weighed down


Lilies of the Valley buried in the snow.  They have not bloomed out so I hope they are ok and insulated in the snow when we go to the mid 20’s tonight


View off the hill by Muskie Inn



I think this little tree says it all


Newly popping out maple leaves covered in snow


View off the hill between Bayview and Wildflower.  Notice the snow on the trees across the lake



Bayview in the snow



I was supposed to get kindling for our fire at the woodshed.  The path to the woodshed was blocked by hanging trees


Newly painted beach chairs coated in snow.. something is wrong with this picture


The army of coverings I have on my perennial flowers hoping to make it through tonight at 25 degrees.

I am now done with winter and spring can come back at anytime……

Monster Crappie!

Monster Crappie!

This crappie was caught last week out on the Willow Flowage.  I think it was about 14 inches, and is one of the biggest crappies I have ever seen.  These boys were treated to a day on the Willow catching a tank full of crappie, none were less than 11 inches.  The Willow is down a little in water and the fishing is awesome.  The Willow Flowage is down either County Y or Cedar Falls Road 10 minutes from the resort.  I only have a few guests that wander over to it and more should give it a try



They also caught this stray walleye.  I have head the Walleye in the Willow are also good, they only caught this single walleye but with all the crappie they had they needed no more fish to clean.  As it was, we had shut off the water to the fish house and they were cleaning fish with a bucket of water and an electric knife