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If you are going to turn 50 (we all have to, no turning back) how to do it?  If you are like Mike you head to the Northwoods and have a perfect day.  You start it out with a homemade card from your wife, a lick from the dog and a trip to Paul Bunyans to be serenaded by the Paul Bunyan wait staff.  Follow that up with a beautiful day fishing for bluegills (and anything that bites)   Dinner of steak and onions made by Ruth.   Few more licks from Carmella the dog.  4 layer cake sitting on a screened in porch.  Followed by Sweet Homemade Grape wine and Ruth’s pecan fudge.  That is how you turn 50.

Happy 50th Mike

It is always fun to have a guest photographer and see the world through their eyes or lens.  Richard and Akiko Teng shared their vacation up north with me in pictures.  Above was a beautiful day to head up hwy 51

Arriving at Wildflower their home away from home

Checking out the lake for the first time

First night out the Teng’s had a wonderful evening of Jazz in the wine bar above The Brewery. It is really a wonderful place to hang out and hear live music

The next morning a beautiful one to enjoy a breakfast on the porch

I am ready to move in and eat with Richard and Akiko after seeing the wonderful meals they prepared

What a day to enjoy

After quizing me about local trails they headed over to Schlect Lake Trail on the way into Minocqua

Schlect Lake as seen from the trail

Finally a picture of our photographer Akiko and her husband Richard enjoying a lunch at The Island Cafe after hiking

On the way back to the resort the twin fawns made an appearance for them

They spent time golfing the local courses, Timber Ridge above, St Germaine and Trout Lake

After all that running it was time to relax a bit at the resort Akiko must have let Richard have the camera for once

Honestly I really have to stop in this meal looks wonderful for a picnic outside

What is being in the Nortwoods without a stop into Paul Bunyans

Again the pictures of the food are wonderful and I can almost smell the fresh baked doughnuts through the picture

how did they find so many great things to do on vacation.  Doing a bit of research

Thank you Akiko and Richard for sharing your Northwoods experience.  Hope to see you again