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Crappies are biting.  The big ones are coming in to spawn and it is time for some fishin fun

Crappies just kept coming up the hill with everyone.  These were headed right to a fry pan in Shamrock

Some were just arriving.  The Spencer family brings this old Sea King motor that dates back to 1949.  It still runs like a top.  Brings back many memories for everyone about fishing with Grandpa who they lost a few years ago.  Old motors are good things!

This old motor does not use  a gas tank, you unscrew the top and pour the gas into the tank on top of the motor.

Time to go fishing!


It was time to cure Mack of his fear of ice or we may never see him at the lake all winter.  Time for a leash and some tough love.  He was very tenative as you can see approaching his favorite swimming hole that had strangely become solid ice


Oh I am sure I will be eaten by the monster that ate all the water in the lake


I do not trust this where is the water….




Ok maybe it is not that bad but I am still not so sure about it


Young dog needs to learn the ancient wisdom of the ages that you let some other fool make the first trail out on the lake and then you can follow it unless you see a hole in the ice with a hat floating on top


Enough stress for the day, I did what you asked, and am still alive but I have had enough and am headed upstairs to the woodstove for a nap


Happy Day Mack stepped out!

These pictures were taken before the big storm hit on Saturday.  So far we have had about a foot of new snow on top of what you see above.  I believe snowmobile trails are opening with this new snow on December 15th.  Snow pics coming tomorrow


View off the hill this morning.  Lake frozen over with bare spots.  We have rain/freezing rain/snow/sleet coming in the next few days.  It will be interesting to see how this view changes



Who is still boycotting frozen water?


Usual view of the snag and the Point


Tracks of I think a bunny on the lake.  I think it would have supported stepping out on the lake but I was not going to be the first one


Ok I came down…. but don’t ask me to step off land and no way I am putting a paw on that ice


Brave bunny tracks heading down by Holiday and Norway


How long is this supposed to last?  Where are my steps into the water?  I vote for becoming a snowbird dog and heading to the south where swimming in lakes is year round and nobody turns a perfectly good lake into a hard pancake..


One very frozen over lake.  It may just stay this way til spring




You may think this is a picture of a dog but it is actually of a chicken who does not want anything to do with a frozen lake.  It may take til January to get him to put a paw on the lake.  I do not have my doggy barometer this year to tell me when the ice is safe.  I knew it was safe after Poe investigated it and would either step out on the ice or back up.  Mack is not interested in doing any investigation.  Maybe when he gets older and wiser and plucks a few chicken feathers out of his coat he will be able to make his own judgements.  Til then he can roost in his nest at the perch with the look of “No way in ____ am I coming down to that strange stiff water…  I am a water dog not a skating dog… bring back the normal water”