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What is with the new fashion statement Troy is making with my old towel supply?  Is he feeling cold and getting ready for winter?  Is he trying out for the community play version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame….


Both of those reasons sound better than the actual reason.  Craig is returning from Phoenix on Saturday with the goal of a new roof on Holiday.  In the meantime, the new roof needs to be hoisted up the ladder on top of Troy and Steve’s shoulders.


The 80 lb hand off


Bundles making it into place awaiting Craig’s return


Besides Holiday getting a new roof, Kaubashine has been getting a fresh coat of brown paint around the edges


Troy was thrilled to beat me to the camera to snap this picture of the Pileated Woodpecker hanging from our cherry tree by the office

I was driving home this morning and caught a splash of color out of the corner of my eye and I grabed the camera and creped over to see if I could catch this elusive bird just across the road from the resort. Below is a hint but don’t look unless you need to

See the flash of red on the ground

See the flash of red on the ground

I had never seen this bird on the ground before. He has rooting around at the base of a tree in the snow

A little better pic if you are still stumped

A little better pic if you are still stumped

The elusive Pileated Woodpecker

The elusive Pileated Woodpecker

After playing hide and seek in the bushes with me, he decided to pose for a great picture before flying off.  He gave me exactly 5 seconds to take the above and below picture before flying off.  You blink and these elusive birds are gone.  The sound of them drumming on trees is the only hint as to their location in the woods when you are walking

Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera

Usually my camera is nowhere near when these big woodpeckers fly over head but I caught them this morning. They are the biggest woodpeckers that we have in the North and are a neat sight to see