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It was a beautiful afternoon and time to go enjoy some local trails.  We headed to Clear Lake beach on County J to catch this trail that leads to the back end of the Raven Trail.  This trail pops out on the red loop of the Raven Trail.  After we were done hiking and I talked to Katie she said the boat landing parking lot on Clear Lake has 3 trails that go different ways to lead to the Red Loop on the Raven.  One of them goes along Clear Lake a ways.  Bryon has done a lot of work on the single track mountain biking trail on the Raven and there is a single track loop here as well


It was a beautiful trail with the colors just starting, Mac was ready to head out


Color just starting


Once we got on to the Raven Trail we started to see strange human looking rock formations



I liked this one he looked like he died and fell over



More colors coming out.  I am learning all the different forms of Maple trees this year due to a leaf collecting project for a biology class.  This is a Sugar Maple Leaf.  Now to find the Silver Maple and Red Maple.  Whoever paid attention that much to the leaves to realize there was that big of a difference in Maples


After all that hiking it was time to stop by Minocqua Fudge for our favorite thing of fall a carmel apple.  I am not sure what they do to make these apples so good but they are to die for.  I have never had a bad apple from them they are always crisp and slightly sour mixed with the carmel and salt of the pecans… YUM!


This is one turkey with attitude.  I had these pictures emailed to me from our neighbor who bow hunted across the road from the resort.  He sent up this animal cam and caught the deer and bear pics I posted a few weeks ago.  Wade caught these pics the end of October and just sent them to me to share.  Hope you enjoy more of the neighbors across the road.  This turkey definitly is not a friendly neighbor


I have seen up to 2o or so turkeys in the resort and on Lower Kaubashine this fall.  The wild turkey is definitely making a come back in the Northwoods.  They are not afraid of chasing a larger deer off.  These 2 were fighting over who got to eat Wade’s bait pile in the woods


blacksturkey2blacks turkey16642_335806705023_625820023_9931764_7607023_n

I also stole this picture from my brother in law Bryon.  He took it on The Raven Trail looking out at Clear Lake last weekend.   I thought it was a cool pic showing snowballs on the lake

Tonight we are under a winter storm warning with 9 – 13 inches of snow expected.  Snow in the Pines pics should be awesome tomorrow for those who need a dose of them.

Side Note:  I am not sure what jinx it is I have on PC’s  2 years ago I dropped my lap top destroying it, last year I had a bad hard drive and lost another one.  This year my newest computer is acting up.  The prognosis is it is a hardware problem and it is going to be sent away for warranty work for 1 – 2 weeks.  I have decided Black’s Cliff needs a back up computer and am looking into a Mac, I hear they are more durable and have a great photo editing program.  If I happen to not post for a couple of days in the next week it means I am doing the transition to the Mac world and trying to figure it out.  It might involve a few swear words and some spiked holiday egg nog.  Before the new one arrives I am limping the old one through that locks up and crashes a couple of times a day