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Bananagrams is the name of the game and Muskie is the place to be

Char not thrilled with having her picture taken was showing me the ropes along with Anne on how to play Bananagrams.  Not pictured is Bill who is studying the dictionary and memorizing all the 3 letter words

Bill won the first round with all his 3 letter words.  When you use all your tiles you yell PEAL and everyone has to take another tile.  It is fun no waiting for turns to be played and you can reorganize your board anytime.  Bananagrams is available at Whoops the toy store in town

I did not win  but was proud of coming up with squirrel with 12 tiles to play.  I was just happy to use my Q and it is one of the few words with Q that I know

I heard we were lucky Karey the queen of quick thinking and 3 letter words was no there.  Bill enjoyed the night

Ken not a fan of 3 letter words, came in towards the end with his catch of the day.  Congrats Ken and if you know of any words with q in them please let me know

4th of July week means one thing, time for the 4th of July horseshoe tournament.  Mr Tungett orgainzes it every year on his manila paper and we all show up in the correct spot

Families gather, the younger end of the Tungett family Linda, Dave and Eleanore

Some grab a beer

Some grab a label maker…. Label maker… who has a label maker and why have it on vacation…..

How else would the 2nd place “Note Quite Good Enough” prizes be made..  Everyone should have a label maker on vacation

The pony plaque for everyone that has never won.  Would any names get crossed off in 2011?

One name that we knew would not leave the plaque was Terry, who was in Washington DC visiting his brother.  Better luck next year, Terry and hope you are here to defend your Pony Plaque title as the longest running Hixson to not win the tournament

The prize plaques ready for 2011

In the end it came down to Troy the returning 2010 winner

Troy vs Tom (sometimes also known as Oh No, the god of horseshoes)

Dawn Cass (also known as Ding Dong) who inspired Katie to write a song about her vs

Vs. Kelley the Texas horseshoe power house who threw 2 ringers in the game helping Tom and her pass up Troy and Dawn

Kelly texting her results to the state of Texas.  The roar from Texas could be heard in Wisconsin

With the results in and games played it was time for the ceremony.  It starts with all the kids in the group getting a handfull of official horseshoe dirt (thick clay) from one of the pits at Hilltop

The gathering of the kids, but who do the gather around… the official god of the ceremony is the winner…

Time for “Oh N0” to pass the baton for the ceremony to his lovely assistant “No No”

No No leading the ceremony.  All hands are full of dirt, loaded and ready

This picture angle does not do the ceremony justice but know this, the god No No is being pelted with horse shoe dirt with glee by a bunch of urchins

First the Pony Plaque winners who’s names shall remain on the plaque for another year are recognized.  Katie Black was added to their ranks this year.

Kyle, Gloria, Katie, Will and Chris proud members of the Pony Plaque club minus their leader Terry Hixson

The official 2nd place winners, Troy and Dawn

Can you feel the love they get for 2nd place

Time for Kelly and Tom to accept their championship

No No congratulating his cohort Tom (Oh No) and Kelly from Texas

The 2011 Horseshoe Tournament winners.  Congrats to Kelly and Tom

One last prize to give out.  Oh No’s even lovelier assistant, Oh No’et presented the 2nd place trophies.  Thanks to Oh No’et and the wonderful label maker Kim Flower

What to do after an afternoon of horseshoes?  Time to eat.  Rule is you show up on the playground at 5pm precisely with a dish to pass.  Oh the goodies we had!

It is always hard to get an exact count of the amount of people at the table, but it is a lot of them.  Good food and good company

Mack got his first taste of being a resort dog at a resort picnic Leftovers!!

See everyone in 2012 when we gather again with Mr Tungett, Oh No, No No, Oh No’et and hopefully Terry Hixson as well.  See you then

It is beautiful weather and time to sit back and enjoy the beginning of summer

Testing out the water.  It has warmed up considerably in the last 2 weeks.  Time to jump in!

It is kayak week at the resort.  It seems like every cabin has their own kayak’s.   I think I counted 15 extra kayak’s floating around the resort besides the 5 we own

Nothing like floating around on a 70 degree day with your sisters

Mack would like it known that after rolling twice in fish the last 2 days and two baths he now smells like coconut and ode to fish.  Really he smells good…. really…..

As I have said in other blog entries it is time to go fishin!

I had this crappie picture shared with me from Mike Grady our famous 2011 Ice Out winner.  He caught his biggest crappie above.  Nice fish Mike!  Missing picture is Ruth balancing the net and the camera at the same time.  Thanks for getting the picture Ruth

Yours truly made it out for a short time but could only find the bass.  No crappie this time

Crappies are biting.  The big ones are coming in to spawn and it is time for some fishin fun

Crappies just kept coming up the hill with everyone.  These were headed right to a fry pan in Shamrock

Some were just arriving.  The Spencer family brings this old Sea King motor that dates back to 1949.  It still runs like a top.  Brings back many memories for everyone about fishing with Grandpa who they lost a few years ago.  Old motors are good things!

This old motor does not use  a gas tank, you unscrew the top and pour the gas into the tank on top of the motor.

Time to go fishing!

The rain has come and that means I can put my paint brush down and do some blogging which has not been done the last few days.  The 2 weeks before Memorial Day Weekend are some of our busiest of the year getting things ready to go

The rain has sprouted up the Lily’s of the Valley

Ferns as well have been filling in the bare areas

Even with the rain the fishermen have been hitting the lake in the boats.  I have heard the bass are biting and bluegills are prolific.  Crappies have just started to come into the spawning beds

Before the rain Steve managed to get the raft painted and ready to head out next week

Before the raft goes out I hear Monday the white docks is going in along with the end of the big blue dock.  That ought to make the sunbathing ladies happy

I took this picture on Friday before it rained of Steve getting the beach chairs painted.  I counted and we are now up to 28 of them in all different styles and sizes.

This is the fine art of how to paint the floor under the swinging bed.  Thankfully we don’t do all the floors each year.  It was Muskie’s turn to get its floor painted and time to crawl under the bed to do the floor in the official porch paint of Black’s Cliff, British Tan.  I have 4 gallons of it left and it has be discontinued…. Time to find a new color…  oh the family debate that will create…  last time it took 4 trips to the paint store and Craig still did not like it, except for the good price we got on British Tan at Fleet Farm because it was a stock color

One of the many dangers of painting under the bed is having your hair get caught in the springs under the bed.  Getting loose can be a major problem…  is this why nobody else for the last 30 years has jumped up and down saying “I will paint porch floors show me what to do”  I guess I have this job for as long as hairs in my head to get caught in the springs

To make up for those missing hairs it was take mom out to dinner night.  We went to one of our favorite haunts “The Rib Guy” for the best pulled pork and BBQ in town.

We order our meal by the pound and feed a family of 5 for just under 35 dollars including Baked Beans and Coleslaw.  Best family deal in town.  It is not fancy and you eat off paper plates but we don’t mind a bit

#1 BBQ cooker in town

This year he has an even bigger cooker and the smell walking down town is enough to drive you crazy unless you stop in for a bit

The sun has come out finally after what felt like 40 days and 40 nights of rain

The customary picture of the tree snag and tree reflections on a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine

One last remaining oak leaf holding on over the water

I know yesterday I said I was not bringing out the camera until the sun came out… well I lied…  Guys were busy in the snow showers working on the Shamrock landscaping project.  Steve widening the steps and fixing the wall that got destroyed when the new septic and drain field went in last fall

Getting the old wall reset.

Find any old beer cans?  Troy trying to keep things straight

More and more rock.  We were the only ones visiting the rock yard in the snow at Winger Concrete

Trying to make a level surface for the picnic table and chairs that have never been level over by Shamrock

Reinforcing the wall hoping it will not move.  Mack wondering if I am done so he can go back and dry off by the woodstove and singe a few hairs

What do they do with the rocks… to be continued on a nicer day

How can you have this look on your face and feel better than you have your entire life?

The answer to all problems is in the pot of maple sap.  Just dip your glass in and…

drink away.  Steve says it is wetter than water and colder than ice.  He actually shaved this morning clean shaven and you can see what happened to him

Coming to a store near you soon.  Or send in 19.95 and you to can have this look before any of your neighbors.  Maple Sap the health food of the ages.  This blog entry brought to you by Steve.  Any problems with the claims he has made about maple sap please forward all complaints to him.  Jenny takes no responsibility for the effects of maple sap on anyone.


I remembered my telephoto today to take a picture of Cliff sliding into the Lake.  The day he sinks is getting closer and closer

Getting ready for summer use of the porches we had these 2 canvases redone.  They last for 30 – 40 years and it was time these 2 were replaced at Shamrock.  We have them specially made at Custom Cover’s and Awnings in Woodruff.  They do great work if anyone is looking for some for their own porches.

We boiled down our 2nd batch of syrup.   This batch turned our much darker than the first one.  No idea why.  We learned with this batch to filter it more often through the cheese cloth so the end result had much less foreign objects in it.  I say they just add to the texture and enjoyment, but Troy was more than happy to see less small floating things in the syrup.  To can them we simply put the heated syrup int he jars, boiled the lids and put them on.  They sealed themselves as they cooled off