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With warmer temps and rain projected this weekend Troy thought it was time to make Cliff a little safer on the ice.

Time to give the guy a life line and tie him in for his big plunge into Lower Kaubashine

See ya when you are floating

I just get used to ice being over my swimming hole and now I am not sure what in the world is going on….

Cliff was not looking to excited when we pulled in the driveway.  If anything he looks slightly depressed at how spring is turning out so far.  Tomorrow we have 13 inches of snow in the forecast.  Will the Northern schools finally call a snow day on Wednesday or atleast cancel track practice?

The edges of the lake were showing some signs of melting but not much

As usual someone else found scratchy ice too much of a temptation to resist a good roll and back scratch.  No quavering so far on heading out on the ice

I think I am ready to see water instead of ice around the docks

There is a lot of ice out there for now.  We saw a truck still out on Lake Katherine on our way into town yesterday

Most of the snow is now gone from the ground

We found our maple sap bags fuller than when we left.  It has been a slow season so far for maple syrup.  We need temps in the 40 – 50’s and nights to go below freezing.  The forecast of the rest of the week is not going to help get it flowing.  13 inches of snow and temps with highs of 33 all week.  I think we are going back to spring break

Coming next…  What was Steve up to while we were gone… and publishing the official ice out list (as soon as I go through 6 days worth of mail)

Here is the problem…  See the size of the door…  how to get a shower through this door?

Answer to the problem..  go through the screen.  Will it work?

Heave Ho, I hope you made room for it.  Did Craig think of how to get this in the cabin when finding the “Good Deal” on it this summer….

Just enough room.  Missing pic was me moving the swinging bed over a bit to make more room and loosing balance of the swinging bed as it crashed into the side of the shower.  Shhh…. don’t tell Craig

Ok nice big sliding door..  things are going smoothly no problem!

Uhhh ohhhh can’t make the corner….

ummm this is not going to work

Dad said it would fit.. it is not my fault

Calling Arizona..  you know that “Great Deal” shower you bought…. and want in Wigam…..  we have a small problem…..  which of the walls in Wigwam and weight bearing and which ones can we knock the &*^* out of.

I have a plan and it is going to work….. not sure what Arizona would say about it but I am putting it into action..  Insurance companies do not look

Measurements taken by my LOVELY assistant

Always important to be safe and put wires back in place before starting the operation

Time to smash, no trying to save, just smash into kindling…  What do you suppose dad paid per foot…  I don’t know just keep smashing


Ok now it will fit I am sure…

Anyone know where the chain saw is?

No but we have the handy dandy Saw Zaw that has helped us out of many scrapes before.  Are those wires live?  Umm be careful… Did anyone pay the Workman’s Comp this month?

It made it in minus a few boards, a few swear words and a handy dandy Saw Zaw.  Now to get it installed… but that is a tale for another day with these 2

This blog entry brought to you by me *(&(&( point and shoot camera as my good Cannon Rebel is still MIA being repaired by Best Buy.  I did get a progress report that they are now waiting for parts for the camera they busted when they were cleaning it.  Hopefully it makes it back this week…  I have had enough of the old point and shoot and the graininess of the pictures


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Sunrise this morning.  These are raw pictures with no editing or color manipulation.  It was that pretty of a sunrise.  All taken with my point and shoot Cannon as I wait for the UPS truck to appear in the driveway with my good camera repaired again.  The little point and shoot did pretty good this morning

I see the 2012 calendar picture

Nothing like a good back scratch at sunrise in the middle of the lake


Somewhere under that pile is the raft


Boats definitely looking cold


Point in the light snow coming down


Pontoon boat dock just sticking out of the snow.  Wonder how much damage it will go through during ice out or will it be an easy year.  Cliff goes back to the ice March 1st so start thinking about the day you are going to pick for Ice Out 2011


Who’s dog is that 1/2 way across the lake?


Looks familar


Time to go sit by the woodstove and melt off my snow beard.



This is a good example of how much snow has come down the last couple of days.  Looking at the National Weather Service they are calling for an additional 5 inches between now and Saturday morning inch today, tonight and then Friday night 3 inches.


Bearskin trail in Hazelhurst this morning.  Talked to John the Groomer guy and he said they are going to groom for the first time tonight and he thinks the trails will be decent this weekend for snowmobiling.  If snowmobiling is decent then x country skiing should be awesome they need much less snow to operate and we may even get out on the ski trails this weekend as well


In other news, Mark and Ted have been staying in Muskie and enjoying the new furniture but told Craig that to really enjoy the Packer’s play off game, Muskie really needed a bigger TV to go with the furniture.  So Craig took a trip to town.


Ooo la la it fits!


Mark was in Rollie and Helens shopping for fishing this summer and came across the newest and greatest lure that was just being delivered to the store by the maker.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it looks cool, but will Muskie’s find it desirable?  Maybe the Arm Chair Fisherman in Virginia will have to check it out


Mark even got the box signed by the guy who made them.  He was officially the first person to ever buy one


The Moore family was up this weekend to enjoy some quiet time before Christmas and some shopping.  They would like Doug to know that Vicki behaved herself all weekend and did not cheat at cards… ok maybe a little…..


They amazed me with what they had squirreled away for the weekend in the cabinet.


Steve proudly admiring the new floor he and Troy installed in Shamrock.  All sorts of measurements and cuts to do and it made it in just fine.  Craig will be happy to see their work


I borrowed one of my new neighbors driveways to get a different picture of the lake today.  We have had rain for 24 hours and the snow got pretty much wiped out the ice is hanging in there but getting thin.  It is supposed to start snowing again today and temps are headed back down to highs in the 20’s so I am sure things will stay frozen up


Thanks neighbor for the use of the driveway


Someone desperate for snowmobiling has taken their sled on their first joy ride down the road.  I am sure they will be putting it away til more snow comes


Looking like spring around the resort but it will not last long

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I do believe it is time to take out the last boat.  Woke up to ice creeping across the lake.



Mack trying to figure out what happened to the water.  I do not think he will be heading out on the lake anytime soon

Can Contest.  We only had one entry from Chuck and so he is the winner.  The actual poundage was 994, Chuck would have been dead on for one truck load but we did 3 of them averaging over 300 pounds  a load.   Congrats Chuck!


Typical November morning at the lake, no leaves, still lake, and slightly misty