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After 2 days of tantalizing me with far off calls and appearing by the road when I was in a hurry on the way to pick someone up or drop off at school with no camera I finally caught the loon!  With a lake still half frozen the loon has restricted swimming area for awhile but it was hanging in its favorite fishing hole down where the road meets the lake

I only have seen the one loon.  Is this one just passing through and stopping by to get food for a few days… I am not sure.  I do believe one of the pair we have had the last few summers was killed on the lake last summer.  My neighbor saw the aftermath and thought it might have been a muskie.  The pair has been tagged and researched the last few years so I will be interested to hear from our loon researcher this spring if this is a lone loon from the pair or not.

Doing what loons do best, fish.  If you are a fisherman the last thing you want is to be anywhere near the loons


The resort is finally quiet before deer hunting and Thanksgiving.. what does that mean… projects start.  The biggest and most expensive project next to Craig’s roofing project started today.  Kaubashine and Shamrock are getting 2 new septic systems and a new drain field.  The big equipment came in today only thing missing was Craig who always enjoys days that involve septics and digging.  Luckily he marked all the power and gas lines before he left for Arizona.  Question is did he get all of them…


Holes and dirt piles getting bigger and bigger


Shamrock seen through the piles of dirt.  All will be good in the end when things are running smoothly


Digging for the septic started


Drain field which will have to wait til tomorrow


First of 2 septic tanks being positioned.  What other blog posts picutres of septic tanks?


Both tanks in position.  Tune back in tomorrow for septic day 2

In the meantime Steve has Kaubashine pulled apart for carpet shampooing and a new exhaust fan in the kitchen.  Question is will he be the one to finally get one of the cupboard doors to finally close..  With all these projects going on, Troy was not going to be left out either.. He has the challenge of figuring out how to fit a 34 inch wide leaking bathtub out of our house through doorways that Craig built only 24 inch wide.  Walls and doorways are under alteration and being ripped apart.  What will it all look like in the end… I do not know..  In the meantime I think I will just stay out of the way of all 3 projects and work on stripping my cabinet before snow flies later in the week


I caught Billy Borger fishing in the lake mists.  Billy has caught at least 2 muskies this week at last count.  This is is favorite time to fish among the mists before anyone is up






See you in June Billy.


Walked down to the lake to catch the lake mists this morning.  Enjoy the pictures





I like the reflection of the clouds in the lake with the mists



I took this same picture yesterday and the change in the scenery with the leaves is amazing



More pictures like these to come as the lake slowly cools off from summer


A quiet week at the resort without guests in some areas means Craig starts looking to the sky at dead trees.  They picked this tricky dead birch between out house and Kaubashine.  Odds on hitting the house 50 – 50


Discussing and tightening up the come a long


Notice Craig picking up his feet, tree is not far behind




Neither Kaubashine or our house hit..  Now on to a trickier tree


Tying the knot at the top of the ladder in some more dead birch by Birchwood


Getting the land line set.  Will Jack’s landing get hit?


More debate and sharing of wisdom


I think the tree is rotten, Craig says, just before a dead branch just about takes out Steve at the base


Intense debate about the notch and cut


When the fingers start pointing you know they are a little nervous


No need to worry


Tree number 3, the trickiest of the day with lots of dead branches leaning over the road.  The plan to pull the tree over towards the sauna


Will the plan work?


With their new come a long system, I sort of miss the days of tieing the rope on the truck and flooring it to pull the trees over.


Reading on the internet we came up with a recipe for poison ivy eradication.  The ingredients for 2 potions were purchased


Troy trying out the 1st potion.  If you smell vinegar around the resort stay clear you are close to the poison ivy.  1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup salt, 1 tbl spoon dish soap.  So far we have seen some results with wilting plants.


In other news the temps are up and the water is wet!  Summer is here!


A few days of Norway being open and it got 1/2 of its new roof on.  The rest will have to wait til fall.  Craig happily admiring his work.  While up on the roof he found an interesting message left from one of 3 characters under a few layers of old roofing… Bunger, Paul or Kevin…  Our bets are that it was Kevin


Birchwood getting a new coat of paint.  Somewhere I have a picture of Maynard 40 years ago doing this same job


Troy trying to figure out the easiest way to put a new roof on the pagoda at the top of the steps… quite a challenge

In other news I emptied our rain gage since Saturday and we have received about 7 inches of much needed rain.  Everything for once looks a little water logged and the boats are definitely in need of bailing so it is good the kids are in their last day of school today.  Over the weekend we are expecting more rain.  Our lake being spring fed is down a bit but nothing compared to 4 – 5 feet I hear many lakes are down.  A friend of mine is not even putting in their boat on Lake Seventeen due to not being able to dock it at their dock and fears of the rocks and other things that are sticking up in their lake.  The flowages are way down.  So this rain hopefully will help to right the lake levels again


Beautiful afternoon and we escaped chores to go out for a little fishing adventure on the pontoon boat


Wanna wow a teenager have them catch a big perch.


The loon had to stop in and check out the fishing as well.   We spotted the new nesting spot of the loons in the back bay.  Loons are great to see everytime except when you are fishing.  Fish head for the hills when the loons come a calling


One really big Crappie.  The spawning season has just started.  This fish was sitting right on a spawning bed waiting to be caught.  This is some of the best fishing in my opinion of the entire year.  Spawning lasts til into the first week of June or so.


We even managed to find a bass.  Going through the channel into the back bay, it was fun to sit on the front of the pontoon and see all the fish swimming around in the shallows.  We spotted everything from Northerns, Bass, and Crappie swimming in front of the boat.  All fish were released not by choice, we had a hole in our live well.  Time to take a trip to Rollie and Helens Muskie Shop for a new live well


Troy and his big catch, disengaging hooks from lily pad roots.


Fun time was had by all including the loons.  Now to find some more time to go fishing instead of cleaning and painting