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Pictured above:  The Old Hiawatha Inn now Jacobi’s.  Maynard is at the head of the table and Millie in the front.  I believe that is the same door today that goes into the kitchen

Last night my girlfriend and I attended the Taste of the North.  Restaurants brought samples of their best to the table and we went around sampling them and judging them.

Here are the winners

Judge Awards:
Best in Fine Dining: Smokey’s / Manitowish Waters
Best in Family Dining: P.J.’s Burger Barn / Arbor Vitae
Best in Ethnic Dining: Norwood Pines Supper Club / Minocqua
Best Appetizer: The Outdoorsmen / Boulder Junction
Best Dessert: Trig’s Bakery / Minocqua

People’s Choice Awards:
Best in Fine Dining: Matt Morgan’s / Minocqua
Best in Family Dining: Bear Bar / Winchester
Best in Ethnic Dining: Blue Bayou / Manitowish Waters
Best Appetizer: Trig’s Deli / Minocqua
Best Dessert: Northern Cafe / Arbor Vitae

The talk of the table that we were at was the Blue Bayou.  I have to admit I have never been to the Blue Bayou just driven past it, but may have to make the drive sometime.  They had an amazing soup.  Northern Cafe was also wonderful with an apple cake for desert.  The Bear Bar’s ribs were outstanding along with Matt Morgan’s Prime Rib.  Trig’s did a bacon wrapped date that was to die for.  I hope this list gives you a few new places to think about.

Couple of notes

Northern Cafe has wonderful and unique sandwiches and also serves wonderful breakfasts I am told.  They had a fried meatloaf sandwich last night that was good

Bear Bar in Winchester should not be confused with the Black Bear Bar on Hwy 70.  Both are good but totally different places and you just might have to drive to Winchester for those ribs they fell off the bone last night and melted in your mouth

There was also a new restaurant Goodreu’s that is the former Refuge building in Woodruff.  They brought a wonderful french toast and pasty that I liked.  Might be a place to check out with the family.  It is also family run I think they have a large famlily

Now here is the question… What is your favorite restaurant or restaurants up North.  Especially if you have discovered one off the beaten path that others should check out.  Best Fish Fry?  I get asked this question all the time

This is the fine art of how to paint the floor under the swinging bed.  Thankfully we don’t do all the floors each year.  It was Muskie’s turn to get its floor painted and time to crawl under the bed to do the floor in the official porch paint of Black’s Cliff, British Tan.  I have 4 gallons of it left and it has be discontinued…. Time to find a new color…  oh the family debate that will create…  last time it took 4 trips to the paint store and Craig still did not like it, except for the good price we got on British Tan at Fleet Farm because it was a stock color

One of the many dangers of painting under the bed is having your hair get caught in the springs under the bed.  Getting loose can be a major problem…  is this why nobody else for the last 30 years has jumped up and down saying “I will paint porch floors show me what to do”  I guess I have this job for as long as hairs in my head to get caught in the springs

To make up for those missing hairs it was take mom out to dinner night.  We went to one of our favorite haunts “The Rib Guy” for the best pulled pork and BBQ in town.

We order our meal by the pound and feed a family of 5 for just under 35 dollars including Baked Beans and Coleslaw.  Best family deal in town.  It is not fancy and you eat off paper plates but we don’t mind a bit

#1 BBQ cooker in town

This year he has an even bigger cooker and the smell walking down town is enough to drive you crazy unless you stop in for a bit