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I had to share Craig’s new improvement to our dock.  He installed a 9 foot bench.  I think the dock has a lot more leg room and the ability for folks to sit and talk better.  This will be the new hang out this summer.  The bench needs a coat of stain but other than that it is ready to go for summer


The last remaining projects are being completed as summer creeps closer.  Steve was determined to keep Donna Pyfer dry this summer and make her happy with a new roof on her porch.  Kaubashine’s roof has had a notorious leak over the swinging bed that had been patched and patched and patched some more.  Happily this is the last porch roof that needed shingles and Steve got it done this week.  No fears Donna, you can sleep on the swinging bed and listen to the rain with out being plopped on with rain drops


Painting, painting, painting…..


Can’t wait to see more and more folks out on the dock enjoying a sunset like Ben and Grant


Looking our at lunch today we had some visitors coming through


The big Tom who was happy it was not Thanksgiving


Heading off for a tour of the resort


A few of the pontoons have made it out of the lake.  The color in the volleyball court is something to be seen


Boat shed will Craig finish it before leaving for the winter?


Wigwam showing some beautiful color around it

Tune back in next for big pile of wood and a really big truck.  Will the truck make it out of the driveway?


Time to head the raft out to its spot in the lake so we have room to put the white dock in.  Towing the raft to its spot can be a comedy of errors that we have all participated in (including an infamous launching by Paul)


Hmm notice one wadder on and one off… who got the leaky ones this time?


Heading out into position.  Keep Going!


Hope this is the right spot because that anchor weighs a &%^& ton and I am not pulling it up?


You don’t like the spot, put down the camera and pull the anchor up yourself and move it.  I did it better than Paul!


After all the painting of the blue dock parts and moving them around, apparently I screwed up their order and there was much discussion about which part went where


The great architect  getting it all back together



In other news, Bayview is just about completely roofed and should be done by the weekend.  All he has left is the porch.  I am sure Murry and Tom won’t notice a few drips on the porch this summer


Craig putting the final touch on Birchwood the heating vent.  Unfortunately they forgot to mention they did not have the furnace vent on to me when I turned on the hot water heater and furnace for the folks coming today.  Luckily they also turned off the breaker to those items as well and they did not turn on


Craig showing the difference in rolled roofing since he started roofing.  The quality has deteriorated.  He is not impressed with the Chinese


Bayview his next project already started.  We are just happy to get some done before summer hits


Question is how many compressors does it take to nail down a roof?   The green one, Craig’s new quiet compressor decided to not work for him.  The 2 red ones were borrowed from Tom Lindeman also would not work for Craig.  The little blue one from Craig’s house was not strong enough to operate the nail gun.  Missing compressor is the one he borrowed from Tom at Hilltop.  Tom’s compressor never made it out of Craig’s SUV as while he was picking it up, Troy got the original green one going by pressing the reset button that Craig had never used.  Troy had to admit to Craig that he also had spent a few hours of lost work trying to get the green one operating this winter until he read the manual where he found out about the reset button.  Thankfully neither of them took the green compressor up to John at Minocqua Hardware, who would have laughed at both of them when he pushed the reset button and sent them home with the bill


Back to work on side 2 of Birchwood.  Coming in the driveway now all the new roofs look done from Bayview on down.  Just don’t look at the porch roofs or the other side (Shamrock only has one side roofed and is missing the porch)  Our old roofs with the red roofing are still doing fine but it is nice to see the new roofs cropping up


The signs of Craig being around blue plastic in the trees and  thrown off roofs.  Happily nobody is around to appreciate his mess and  noise.  He has til May 12th to get it done when the first spring guests arrive for Birchwood


Newly upholstered furniture back for Wildflower.  Cushions should be much more comfortable than before


Raft got painted along with all ladders for the white dock and raft.  Anchors, oars and green boats are also in the process of being painted.  The weather is not cooperating with snow in the forecast for Friday

We are making a little change on reservations in June.  We will be accepting nightly reservations up to June 26th on the remaining cabins we have open.  We will have a 2, 3 or 4 night minimum depending on when you are looking at and availability.  I also have a special 4 night opening in July in Norway July 17, 18, 19 and 20th.  If you know of someone that has not come in the summer due to the week rental let them know about this

Beyond the openings in June up to the 26th we have the following openings

June 26 – 3rd Wigwam 3bdr

July 9 – 12th Blackwood 2bdr

July 16 – 23 Bear Den 4bdr

July 17 – 24th Wigwam 3bdr

Juy 17, 18, 19 and 20th Norway Pines 3bdr

July 30 – August 6th Bear Den 4bdr and Blackwood

Check our availability Calendar for openings after August 6th


What does this picture mean?
Yep the roofer has returned from his Southern Adventures being a Snowbird.  Happy to report he has chosen to do Birchwood’s roof when there is nobody in the resort to hear the air compressor.  Next on the list after the roof is Bear Den’s flooring remodel and putting in the big swimming docks.  Winter vacation is over and time to get some projects done

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What is with the new fashion statement Troy is making with my old towel supply?  Is he feeling cold and getting ready for winter?  Is he trying out for the community play version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame….


Both of those reasons sound better than the actual reason.  Craig is returning from Phoenix on Saturday with the goal of a new roof on Holiday.  In the meantime, the new roof needs to be hoisted up the ladder on top of Troy and Steve’s shoulders.


The 80 lb hand off


Bundles making it into place awaiting Craig’s return


Besides Holiday getting a new roof, Kaubashine has been getting a fresh coat of brown paint around the edges


Troy was thrilled to beat me to the camera to snap this picture of the Pileated Woodpecker hanging from our cherry tree by the office