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What a difference a couple of days makes.  Thanksgiving folks were fishing and going out in row boats and today, Saturday we woke up to a lake freezing over

Kaubashine and Shamrock’s dock

I do believe there was quite a party over at Muskie Inn last night.  I believed it rivaled a few of the Thompson parties.  John Sr and Jr please note how to keep the drinks cool in the winter.  It was a happy New Year at the Cliff and it SNOWED!!  about 3 -4 inches and we have that coming again later today into tomorrow

The bird house report, all new fresh snow to play in

The only things moving this morning were the Chickadees flighting between trees

Snow in the pines weighing them down

Most of the resort will be headed to Winter Park today for skiing and tubing.  We were tubing last night for New Years and I will post those pictures after I get my coffee and plow out the resort.  Steve has off today so it is the blonde in the truck flying around the driveway with the plow.  Please no blonde jokes for this one, I can hear Paul Zaremba already formulating one.  Luckily I Troy has the John Deer Gator who cleans up the spots I miss.  Plowing is an art form and I am definitely in the Junior category.  However I have never hit anything which others in the family can not say……

My trip to get coffee in the morning.  Chicken Little took one look at me with my coffee cup in my hand and headed the other way with his nose in the air.  He knows coffee cup = car ride= terror  I was thrilled this morning to have to get my scraper out and the snow was still coming down heavy

Looking through the resort with my flash, flashing the flakes.  Everyone in the resort waking up happy this morning to see snow coming down!  They have all been skiing, tubing and ice fishing this week.  The tubers and skiers will be thrilled to have more to play in.  This should ramp up our conditions and make it descent to ski.

Driving out the resort taking picture of the woods across from the resort.  Makes me want to head off for a walk or maybe even a snow shoe

I snapped a picture for Helen Marchbank of the Bearskin trail. Snowmobile trails are going to open in Oneida County on Friday.  Yeah!   We do need more snow but this is just enough to get them to open and hopefully it sounds like a couple of clipper systems over the weekend to keep it fresh

White knuckle driving on HWY 51 with one thing on my mind…. COFFEE!

My favorite gas station.  I boy cotted BP stations for a while after the gulf, but I stopped into this one last year for an errand and ran into the nicest lady and her 2 girls running it and have been hooked on stopping in to give them business.  50 cent refills on my coffee and every 5th gallon of milk is free… and friendly service

Rebecca is who you will find behind the counter 90% of the time running her business.  It really is a family business that you do not see at a lot of the gas stations and she cares about making everyone happy

She always has great brochures on the counter… I think I know the place in the middle:)

She also has this great card game for the car that was created by a local Hazelhurst Entrepreneur on the counter for sale

Ahhh my coffee.  Since Steve closed the coffee shop I have been reduced to gas station French Vanilla unless I want to drive all the way into Minocqua for a treat from The Northern Way.  Can’t beat a 5 minute drive and a 50 cent refill

I even saw my first snowmobiles at the gas station.

View of Lower Kaubashine Road in the snow taken as I am driving with the flash on.

the is the best you get when I take a picture while driving with the flash on.  Snow is coming down.  Just watch out for the lady taking pictures, driving with her coffee in the gray HHR

I stopped for this shot looking across the lake.  Tom has not marked the snowmobile trail yet, but I am sure he will today or tomorrow.  I have already seen people playing around out on the lake with a couple of sleds.

As of 9 am this is about what we have recieved in new snow on top of our base.  Time to play in the snow.  I have 2 cabins left for New Years

Winter Park Report

We received about 3/4 inch yesterday and we’re gladly taking any flakes we get. Skiers were coming in all day with smiles reporting how pleasantly surprised they were with how good the skiing was. For the cautious, rock skis are still in order, but several folks were using their good skis without trouble. Got holiday plans? Don’t change them !!!! We’re on!!!

This is my birdhouse report of the amount of snow that came down yesterday.  We will take all we can get at this point!  Just happy to hear that Winter Park has done so well through this abnormal December.  We may even head out for a ski, if we get everything done at the resort this week

Now on to the burning question the recipe for Turd Cookies

These are the infamous Turd Cookies, or as Troy and his family call them Peanut Blossoms

Made with either chocolate stars or Hershey’s Kisses.  If you need to keep little hands busy having them unwrap all he chocolate kisses was one of the sought after jobs in our family for many years and still is if I bought them.  However chocolate stars bought in bulk are cheaper, just not as fun for small hands.

These are a little putzy requiring you to keep watch on them and roll them in sugar.  Again I usually double the recipe, but I will give you the undoubled one so you pick

1 3/4 cup flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup BUTTER (You know my issue with margarine)

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 egg

1tsp vanilla

small bowl of sugar for rolling

Candy Kisses or Stars

Mix Flour, salt and soda in a bowl and set aside.  Cream (mix together til creamy) butter and peanut butter.  Add sugars brown and white and mix til fluffy.  Add egg, vanilla and mix well.  Stir in dry ingredients.  Rolling the balls, grab small amount of dough and roll into ball.  Grab a kid in the next room and post them by the small bowl with sugar (make sure they have washed their gubby little hands).  Roll the dough ball in the sugar coating it all sides and put on a cookie sheet.  Bake at 375 for a about 8 minutes til the cookies just start flattening out, remove from oven and grab a different kid to press a piece of chocolate on to each coookie and press down firmly so that the coookie cracks around the edges.  Return to the oven and bake 2 more minutes or so

Wah La Turd Cookies aka Peanut Blossoms

On our way to the Lakeland vs. DC Everest basketball game in Wausau last night, I quickly pulled over so Troy could grab my Iphone and snap these pictures of an icefisherman at sunset on Lower Kaubashine.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Earlier in the day I did not have the camera or my Iphone when driving past and there was a turkey out on the lake pecking around.  Strange sight!

Ohh and did I mention both JV and Varsity won.  DC Everest is ranked 10th in the state of Wisconsin and WE WON!!!  It was quite a night for Basketball fans in Minocqua and well worth the drive to Wausau on a Tuesday night

We have snow and ice and sights like this is why to head up north this winter.  Can’t get this view at home.  I may just have to take up icefishing….  nope think I will stick to ice skating.  The skating should still be awesome this next week

Now on to Troy’s favorite Christmas cookie.  Russian Tea Cakes.  I have to keep these on hand at all times or it just does not feel like Christmas.  He recommends them with a glass of milk.  I prefer a more chocolate but these are pretty darn good for a non chocolate cookie

We double the recipe so here is the doubled version

2 cups butter (don’t you dare use margarine, it is 4 sticks of the good stuff)

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tsp vanilla

4 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 cup nuts

More powdered sugar to roll them in

Soften the butter, I usually put 2 sticks at a time in the microwave for 30 seconds and then do the 2nd sticks separate.  Mix BUTTER, powdered sugar and vanilla together.  Once they are combined and creamy put aside.  In separate bowl mix flour, salt and nuts.  Add this bowl to the BUTTER mixture and mix together.  Dough should now be ready to make into balls.  There are no eggs in this recipe so feel guilt free to eat some dough at this point, not quite the same as chocolate chip cookie dough but fills the same need.  Roll cookies into balls.  These cookies do not rise so make them the size you want and you can fill a cookie sheet up with quite a few of them.  Bake until set but NOT BROWN.  I usually lift them a little off the pan and see if the bottoms are slightly brown and I call them done.  They are supposed to cook for 10 – 12 minutes at 400 if you feel like following the directions

After they cool slightly roll them in powdered sugar.  When you get done rolling start with the first cookie and reroll them again.  This is a great job for kids! and the reason I have 3 of them

Enjoy and be Merry! and for goodness sake throw out that icky margarine please for a New Years resolution.

Keeping with the cookie theme and the Black Family obsession with all things that have to do with bodily functions and septics tomorrow’s cookie is the infamous Black Family Turd Cookies another staple of our Christmas traditions.  Troy would like it pointed out that he is a Gibson and his family and his mother have a much more polite name for this cookie rather than Turd Cookie, but I like that name to much since that is what my mom called them.  What will out boys call them?

I know there are a lot of folks checking in each day to find out the snow conditions.  Thursday afternoon we had some nice snow come down on top of the stuff we had left over after the rain on Wednesday.  We had to pull the plow out and clean up the slushy mess we had in the driveway before the cold air came in and froze it.  I think it was about 1/2 inch of snow that came down fresh and a little here and there called for, for Friday and Saturday

I also think the guys were tired of working down at Red Pine and putting the plow on and playing with it was a nice change of pace.  Just glad I did not get asked to help put the plow on, it usually involves swear words

New snow accumulating on top of the boats

Looking up the tree at the new snow

New snow filtering down through the pines makes everything seem fresh and new and just feel like Christmas.  As I was taking this picture I got a message on Facebook that it was almost 70 degrees in Atlanta today from Linda Hoadley.  I can not imagine what that would be like in December.  I was much happier to be among the snowy pines so these snowy pictures are dedicated to Linda, Wish you were here for Christmas


How deep is the snow?  I would say somewhere around a foot – foot and a half.  Our bear in the front yard is slowly being buried.  We had about 5 additional fluffy inches of snow come down since Monday.  Having a new 16 year old driver you really get an appreciation for snow covered highways


We shall see if the bear gets completely covered yet.  I had the question the other day on the phone, wondering if they would run into bears on the ski trails.  I am happy to tell everyone bears hibernate in the winter and the trails are perfectly safe from them.  Have to admit a slight chuckle on that phone call

I have a group going out today for their first ever snowmobile ride.  Except for some lakes that are not marked due to ice concerns it ought to be a great time to go.  Our first skiers of the year also arrive today and will I am sure be thrilled with the snow conditions out at Winter Park.  I have openings the 26th – 30th (not the night of the 30th) and starting again on the 1st.  Give a call if you want to escape to the woods (better yet if the relatives let you escape to the woods)


Temps have dipped and lake effect snow came down yesterday.  We picked up an inch or so of fluffy dry snow





Looks like someone or something has been out on the lake and it might be safe… may have to get the skates out later and find out


We had a light dusting of snow come through yesterday and last night.  Everything looks white but it would be nice to see more of it.  If it is going to be cold and the lake frozen over then we should have the snow to go with it


Mack looking out at the quietness and that dang frozen lake, wondering when the resort will get exciting again with friends for him.  He will have to wait a couple of weeks for the first of the Christmas/New Years folks to arrive.   We still have a few cabins left for Christmas if the thought of family coming to your house scares you, escape to the woods.  Christmas is at our lowest rates of the year starting at 115/night for Restawhile, 165/night for Shamrock, Kaubashine and Wigwam at 175/night up to the 26th when we go to Holiday rates.  There are still openings December 26 – 2nd but they are filling up so give a call if you were thinking of coming up at that time

While checking out the guys work at Bear Den I caught these fun pics of huge big flakes coming down in the pines, Enjoy!








Our rates lower to the lowest of the year through mid week and weekend.  Weekend rates start at 110/night for our regular sized 2bdrs and 125/night for Birchwood.  I also rent out our 3bdrs when needed to smaller groups starting at 125/night.  Nice time to come up and enjoy the snow in warmer temps.  Skiing last weekend I could have done in a sweatshirt no coat needed.  That is my favorite type of skiing