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I was gone from the resort yesterday upgrading Troy’s cell phone at Verizon.  While at Verizon the whole building shook several times and their sign shuddered outside from the wind and lights flickered.  On the way home traffic was rerouted on Hwy 51 at Stoney Creek North Bound around a huge white pine in the middle of the Highway.  I knew it would be a mess when I got home.  I had left Troy and Steve putting in docks at Red Pine and Bear Den.  Well, here is what happened at Bear Den.  We have called out the tree service for this one.  I vetoed anyone in my family thinking of taking this tree down.  Craig was game, Steve had a twinkle in his eye and Troy was ready to go along with the rest.  I vetoed them all and picked up the phone before the rescue wokers were needed

The front yard of the resort that we just cleaned up and raked

Anywhere there were white pines, there was a mess

Holiday’s door was the only casualty on the cabins.  Craig was happy to point out he has 2 doors in storage to replace this one bought on sale a couple of years ago

Road to Eagles Nest blocked

Clean Up begins


With wind gusts still enough to almost blow me off the pier while taking these pics, Steve and Troy went on a pontoon boat rescue mission.  We forgot to put the canopy down on the pontoon before the big wind hit.  There was enough force behind the wind to pull the eye screws right out of the dock that were securing the pontoon.  I am hoping there is no damage done to the canopy.   They look a little cold on their return trip


Chairs sent tumbling


Canoe blown off the dock it was resting on top of.  It was quite a day but I think we finally have most things put to right and sticks  mostly picked up.  As I type this we have snow coming down across the lake.  It is going down to 21 tonight and it is time to finally drain the fish house and other lines    I had this link shared with me about the spotting of a rare albino chickadee which I thought some might enjoy


After hearing the weather reports for the next day or so, we have broken out the candle supply expecting to loose power at some point.  Anyone who has spent much time in the Northwoods knows that if you fart wrong around here out goes the power.  60 mph winds it will be interesting to see what comes down.  I am sure glad the guys have taken time the last few years to cut out the dead birch and other dead trees around the resort.  Big questions is where to park the minivan?