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Eight dove in the water for the “Big Swim” across the lake.  There were 5 first timers.  Most afternoons in the summer you will see heads bobbing across the lake for anyone brave enough to do the “Big Swim”


The trusty boat spotters staying close to the swimmers in case anyone needed to jump on and to keep other boats away


The Peanut gallery cheering everyone across the lake


Sarah a veteran of many a “Big Swim”, taking it a little slow with her bad knee and cheering on Kate from Ireland who was swimming farther than she ever had before.  Go Kate GO!


We made it!  Now who is swimming back?  4 did make the return trip swimming back and 4 jumped on the boat.  5 new lake swimmers can go home to brag they made it across the lake.  Kate was thrilled to make it but will not be swimming the English Channel when she gets home


The Eastern end of the Black Family arrived to enjoy a week in the Northwoods.  Dave and Bonnie spent the week introducing Ellanora to all sorts of new sights in the woods.  They took a trip to The St Germain Flea Market on Monday returning with some yard art that will be turning heads in Washington DC.  The St Germain Flea market is something that has be be experienced, from crafters, to local foods and antiques everything can be found at The Flea Market.  Question is how to ship the Peacock and everything else they bought to Washington DC, because this year with Ellanora they flew.


A little help from Uncle Craig and a hack saw the Peacock will now make it in a flat box.  Dave will have to find a welder on the other end to weld a pole back on


Only found at the St Germain Flea market and now to a suburb of Washington DC.