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Sunrise this morning.  The sun was spotted for just a couple of brilliant minutes.  The coloring of it was amazing


Heading down to the lake the sun was still caught behind the trees


The last that was seen of the sun

Coming tomorrow, Troy’s battle with the squirrels


I really do love every month and season in the Northwoods.  But there are some months that lend themselves better to the blog than others.  November is not one of them.  I do love the quiet around the resort after the business of the summer and fall season.   These couple of weeks before deer hunting and Thanksgiving are quiet and I always wonder why more people do not come up to enjoy some quiet moments at the lake with a fireplace.  It does become a bit of a ghost town in the middle of the week.  Yesterday when the folks left Restawhile, marked the first day of nobody staying at the cabins until Friday.  It is a strange feeling when everything is empty but it will not last long.  Deer Hunting and Thanksgiving are right around the corner.  Steve just went in the woods yesterday to start cutting boughs for his wreath making business, need a wreath give him a call he makes them to order at 715 356 5405 at Lifespring


Never tire of the sunrise on Lower Kaubashine


Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy a few moments on Lower Kaubashine



I hope I am not boring everyone with misty lake pics but tis the season and can’t pass up heading to the lake each morning






These were all taken from Kaubashine’s dock.  Only thing that would have made it prettier is if there was color in the trees, which is right around the corner

Had a special request for screen saver pics from Paul Zaremba this last weekend.  The sunrise cooperated this morning so I took a pic both ways side ways and regular.   Enjoy and I will just add it to Paul’s bill

Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine

Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine