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It is beautiful weather and time to sit back and enjoy the beginning of summer

Testing out the water.  It has warmed up considerably in the last 2 weeks.  Time to jump in!

It is kayak week at the resort.  It seems like every cabin has their own kayak’s.   I think I counted 15 extra kayak’s floating around the resort besides the 5 we own

Nothing like floating around on a 70 degree day with your sisters

Mack would like it known that after rolling twice in fish the last 2 days and two baths he now smells like coconut and ode to fish.  Really he smells good…. really…..


A sure sign that summer is still hanging on.


A week does not go by that balls are not being caught off the raft


What form!


When in doubt grab a friend (or a cousin) and jump in


Enjoying the waves


Boat wars… who’s boat goes down first?  Only 9 more days til most kids are in school on September 1st.  Time to get in those last days swimming

August 28th we have a bunch of cabins open with a 2 night minimum

Labor Day  2bdr is open til Sunday and we have one cabin left open for the entire weekend


86 degrees had everyone at the resort.  People always ask me how we survive without air conditioning.  The answer is easy, we soak in the lake during the day and the lake breeze cools things off at night.


Having fun being pushed in, there was a little of that going on today


It was also a day to learn how to back dive.  Both Nick and Grace figured it out



Others like Tim here were taking it easy on floats


Susie was showing off her football skills


Susie was taking the plunge to get to the ball


It was also a day of dirty butts in the sand that no mom was complaining about


I read an article in Time magazine about why we should not have summer vacation and schools should be year round.  The author I am sure has never spent a summer in Northern Wisconsin.  The picture above is why we have summer vacation


Eight dove in the water for the “Big Swim” across the lake.  There were 5 first timers.  Most afternoons in the summer you will see heads bobbing across the lake for anyone brave enough to do the “Big Swim”


The trusty boat spotters staying close to the swimmers in case anyone needed to jump on and to keep other boats away


The Peanut gallery cheering everyone across the lake


Sarah a veteran of many a “Big Swim”, taking it a little slow with her bad knee and cheering on Kate from Ireland who was swimming farther than she ever had before.  Go Kate GO!


We made it!  Now who is swimming back?  4 did make the return trip swimming back and 4 jumped on the boat.  5 new lake swimmers can go home to brag they made it across the lake.  Kate was thrilled to make it but will not be swimming the English Channel when she gets home