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This is the fine art of how to paint the floor under the swinging bed.  Thankfully we don’t do all the floors each year.  It was Muskie’s turn to get its floor painted and time to crawl under the bed to do the floor in the official porch paint of Black’s Cliff, British Tan.  I have 4 gallons of it left and it has be discontinued…. Time to find a new color…  oh the family debate that will create…  last time it took 4 trips to the paint store and Craig still did not like it, except for the good price we got on British Tan at Fleet Farm because it was a stock color

One of the many dangers of painting under the bed is having your hair get caught in the springs under the bed.  Getting loose can be a major problem…  is this why nobody else for the last 30 years has jumped up and down saying “I will paint porch floors show me what to do”  I guess I have this job for as long as hairs in my head to get caught in the springs

To make up for those missing hairs it was take mom out to dinner night.  We went to one of our favorite haunts “The Rib Guy” for the best pulled pork and BBQ in town.

We order our meal by the pound and feed a family of 5 for just under 35 dollars including Baked Beans and Coleslaw.  Best family deal in town.  It is not fancy and you eat off paper plates but we don’t mind a bit

#1 BBQ cooker in town

This year he has an even bigger cooker and the smell walking down town is enough to drive you crazy unless you stop in for a bit


The Schmidt Family had one problem this week.  Who would get to sleep in the swinging bed?  Grandpa was the first to claim it.  Would anyone else get a chance to sleep on the porch because Grandpa does not look like he is moving anytime soon


The answer to this problem was this very comfy blow up mattress.  I have never seen a mattress this thick and comfy looking.  50 dollars from JC Penny


Definitely more comfy than the blow up mattress I remember from our camping days.  It also blew up in 5 minutes.  Grandpa may still have to share when the kids discover this bed does not swing like the swinging bed