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It is always fun to have a guest photographer and see the world through their eyes or lens.  Richard and Akiko Teng shared their vacation up north with me in pictures.  Above was a beautiful day to head up hwy 51

Arriving at Wildflower their home away from home

Checking out the lake for the first time

First night out the Teng’s had a wonderful evening of Jazz in the wine bar above The Brewery. It is really a wonderful place to hang out and hear live music

The next morning a beautiful one to enjoy a breakfast on the porch

I am ready to move in and eat with Richard and Akiko after seeing the wonderful meals they prepared

What a day to enjoy

After quizing me about local trails they headed over to Schlect Lake Trail on the way into Minocqua

Schlect Lake as seen from the trail

Finally a picture of our photographer Akiko and her husband Richard enjoying a lunch at The Island Cafe after hiking

On the way back to the resort the twin fawns made an appearance for them

They spent time golfing the local courses, Timber Ridge above, St Germaine and Trout Lake

After all that running it was time to relax a bit at the resort Akiko must have let Richard have the camera for once

Honestly I really have to stop in this meal looks wonderful for a picnic outside

What is being in the Nortwoods without a stop into Paul Bunyans

Again the pictures of the food are wonderful and I can almost smell the fresh baked doughnuts through the picture

how did they find so many great things to do on vacation.  Doing a bit of research

Thank you Akiko and Richard for sharing your Northwoods experience.  Hope to see you again

What has been going on for the last 4 days of no entries…  Well my computer is finally fixed and the disks removed from the disk drive 45 dollars later.  Much better than taking a chance with a butter knife in my disk drive

Steph was having deep thoughts and much consideration to the new beach chairs or the good old green rockers.  It was a tough choice but Steph is a puriest and went back to her John Deere Green rocker.  Others have made the move to the new beach chairs

Troy spent some time repairing the controls on the ski boat after KT broke the boat.  That is the story, KT broke the boat, all her fault

John McAllister caught this nice Northern

Eagle’s Nest door got a little TLC.  The door and the cabin were all built in 1952 by Loren Lee and after almost 60 years the bathroom door needed a little TLC.  A few clamps and glue and should be good to go for another 60 years.  Loren Lee was a builder in the area back then and his descendants have a construction company to this day called Young Builders

John Thompson Jr. stopped in for his free round of golf and Trout Lake that he won in a domino contest on the blog his winter

John Thompson Sr. got to relive part of his childhood taking the red boat for a spin.  John spent many hours in the early 70’s driving his share of bikini’s around the lake.

The nightly Nukem ball game got started.  I heard one of the kid say that volleyball is for people that do not know how to play Nukem.  The exact rules… see the kids on the playground.  It involves throwing and catching the ball, no volleyball bumping and hitting

I had a hard time not taking a picture of this butt in diapers showing his Nukem form

He was the secret weapon down under

He does not look or dress like his dad at all minus the diaper

Everyone knocked out of the Nukem game cheering on the remaining players

Nukem in action

Craig got a heck of a deal on this boat… but will it fit in…. it looks to new to be a part of the resort.  It is not green. When it gets loose how will the neighbors around the lake know where it goes

In other news, a lot of fun has been had with the red boat.  All 3 Gibson boys and Conner have made their first turns and spills around the lake on skis.  Rumor has it Jenny (me), Troy and possibly Craig will be gracing the lake a dare to do it, I will if she will go first, are we crazy, will the boat pull us up moment to be witnessed and possibly or possibly not blogged about depending on how swim suits fit and stay up.  Stay tuned

Before I announce the winners of the Domino Cabin Indentification Contest, let me introduce the architects of this feat.  My college girlfriends were at the resort this weekend from UW River Falls.  It was rainy and cold all weekend with lots of kids underfoot.  My friend Mary with her daughter Marie created this masterpiece.  Marie is Autistic and Mary was told would never speak.  She has come a long way and the folks at Paul Bunyans this weekend will tell you Marie can definitely speak.  Marie and Mary put the domino diagram together.  Thanks to both of you for creating some fun!

Now on to the winners.  I was waiting for one picture in particular before announcing who won

Gail the 2nd from the left with the Alumni green shirt won the gift certificate to Gateway Lodge in Mercer.  She is pictured here with the rest of her Bad Girls of the North posse.  Some who follow the blog with recognize the ring leader of this group of rebel teachers from the burbs, Char who is 2nd from the right.  This group of ladies comes each fall much to the appreciation of the down town merchants for Cranberry Feast in October and checking out all the shops in between.  Congrats to Gail! is the link to the website of the restaurant.  We had an excellent prime rib with them at The Taste of the North last week.  I am sure these ladies will be heading up to Mercer for a taste.  Merchants BEWARE!

Harold Oberman won the Timber Ridge Free Golf.  He is pictured here getting picnic ready for the infamous Pink Monkey Party but that is a tale for another day.  Congrats Harold

Timber Ridge is our closest and one of the best golf experiences you can have in the Northwoods.  They have a twilight rate going all summer June 3 – Sept 11th after 4pm golf all you want for 21 dollars and cart for 11.  I also have golf coupons for other times at the office check with me for them before going

Kim Flower won the 2nd Timber Ridge round of golf.  I am sure she will have time to use it this summer enjoying her new home on Lower Kaubashine.  Congrats Kim, if you don’t use it I am sure Sarah would find use for a round of golf.

Our final winner was John Thompson Jr.  I tried to find a close up or a front picture of John over the last couple of years but every picture I have is John out at the raft with his back to me enjoying the sun.  I guess we all know where we will be finding John the last week of July this year except for when he takes time to go use his free Greens Fee at Trout Lake Golf

Trout Lake is another one of our great golf courses a little bit farther away from us than Timber Ridge but a jem in the woods.  They are the oldest 18 hole course in the area centered out of a gorgeous 1800’s log home which is something to see in itself.  They also have the #1 practice facility in the Northwoods.  They are always updating their specials so check before you come at for what they have going on.  They are definitely worth the little bit farther drive to experience golf in the Northwoods.  I always have 10 dollar off coupons for them so check with me for them

Congrats to all the winners and hope you enjoy your free fun in the Northwoods