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After hearing the weather reports for the next day or so, we have broken out the candle supply expecting to loose power at some point.  Anyone who has spent much time in the Northwoods knows that if you fart wrong around here out goes the power.  60 mph winds it will be interesting to see what comes down.  I am sure glad the guys have taken time the last few years to cut out the dead birch and other dead trees around the resort.  Big questions is where to park the minivan?


Walked down to the lake to catch the lake mists this morning.  Enjoy the pictures





I like the reflection of the clouds in the lake with the mists



I took this same picture yesterday and the change in the scenery with the leaves is amazing



More pictures like these to come as the lake slowly cools off from summer


Eyes in the woods watching.  We have seen this buck a few times the last few weeks.  He has some goofy horns.  The deer are coming into the resort to eat acorns and the volleyball court is full of them


He was nice enough to pose for my telephoto before he took off


Ever wonder who gets your cabins clean.  This is our main cleaning crew pictured on the final big Saturday clean this summer.  Katie, Marcy, me, Olga and Sergio.  The best cleaning crew in the Northwoods.  Missing from the picture is Olga and Sergio’s kids who sometimes help, Jackelyn and Sergio Jr.  Katie and I have been cleaning since we could push a vacuum, Olga and Sergio have been cleaning for us for about 16 years.  Marcy joined in a few years ago.  Could not ask for better people to work with.  The work is hard but we all manage to have fun while doing it and are like a family reunited every Saturday exchanging stories and friendship