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I caught the following pictures just after a storm blew through and the sun was just peaking out.  Enjoy

The sun has come out finally after what felt like 40 days and 40 nights of rain

The customary picture of the tree snag and tree reflections on a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine

One last remaining oak leaf holding on over the water

I know yesterday I said I was not bringing out the camera until the sun came out… well I lied…  Guys were busy in the snow showers working on the Shamrock landscaping project.  Steve widening the steps and fixing the wall that got destroyed when the new septic and drain field went in last fall

Getting the old wall reset.

Find any old beer cans?  Troy trying to keep things straight

More and more rock.  We were the only ones visiting the rock yard in the snow at Winger Concrete

Trying to make a level surface for the picnic table and chairs that have never been level over by Shamrock

Reinforcing the wall hoping it will not move.  Mack wondering if I am done so he can go back and dry off by the woodstove and singe a few hairs

What do they do with the rocks… to be continued on a nicer day


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Sunrise this morning at -20 with a -30 windchill.  Did the schools call off…. nope, it is only a half day and they all stayed on in our area.  I have folks going out for their first time snowmobiling today.  What a day to pick to be your first time.  Thankfully there are all sorts to spots to stop on the way to warm up.  We have another cabin of brave icefishermen, hope they brought their heater


Mack would like to report it is dang cold outside


The lake is as cold as it looks


One thing this weather is good for is making Ice Candles.  Troy has his production line going with buckets of water in time to have plenty done for Christmas


The only warm thing outside the smoke stacks going full steam.


After hearing the weather reports for the next day or so, we have broken out the candle supply expecting to loose power at some point.  Anyone who has spent much time in the Northwoods knows that if you fart wrong around here out goes the power.  60 mph winds it will be interesting to see what comes down.  I am sure glad the guys have taken time the last few years to cut out the dead birch and other dead trees around the resort.  Big questions is where to park the minivan?


We had a storm roll through and I caught these pictures as it was moving off.  Started with one beautiful rainbow


The 2nd rainbow started to appear for a few minutes


Reflection into the lake



The rain came cascading down the steps.  Not sure how many inches but it all flowed down the beach steps.


The delta at the top of the steps





Time to dash back to the house


With the humidity gone and temps just cracking 70 today it was a quiet day at the beach.  I don’t think anyone minded.  After the heat of the summer everyone has been dealing with, I have seen folks happily putting on sweatshirts and leaving their windows open.  Tonight it goes down to 49 and that might be a little too cool to leave the windows open.


With the cooler temps comes the ambition to do a little gardening.  I spread mushroom compost on the main gardens.  I used mushroom compost this last spring in a couple of our newer gardens and was amazed at the results.  I could only find it for sale at Stoney Creek Garden Center.  If you have never tried it and have a tired looking garden you may want to give it a try


I think this picture sums up the day.  It is snowing and the lake mists are back.  We are supposed to get 4 inches of snow tonight and 3 nights below freezing. I ran up to get my telephoto to get a close up of the bird on the log but it disappeared before I could return


Snow accumulating in spider webs


Trying to cover delicate plants using everything I could find.  From a disc sled, garbage can, boxes and left over insulated minnow buckets. The resort looks pretty weird with flipped over garbage cans and tarps everywhere


It is as cold as it looks.  We have one group of brave fishermen this weekend.  We shall see if they make it out on the lake or to the casino


Using the Macro and Black and White feature on IPhoto I think this pic came out nicely showing the frost and light snow we had this morning.  All the trees were coated in crystals this morning



I forgot to switch this to a Black and White but it still turned out nicely showing how pretty the whitepines are this morning on the hill


Looking off the hill with the frost and light snow.  It was a cold damp cold and I was happy to go inside and find the woodstove.  Grandpa Gibson has come up for some icefishing and I told him to make sure he grabs his heater before heading to his shack



I left the color on this one showing the new way Grandpa Gibson and Troy are trying to lure the squirrels to jump on our Squirrel Flipper bird feeder.  So far no takers…