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Wicker furniture is a wonderful thing except for when it comes to cleaning it or painting it.  After 18 years of running the resort with Troy and trying a few different things I think we finally have it figured out.  We used to get the scrub brushes out and wash and scrub them outside but never could you get all the dirt and dust out of the cracks that develops after being out on a porch year round.  My upholstery friend asked me, why don’t you use an air compressor and blow it out with the tip.  We tried it and IT WORKS!  I cleaned these chairs for painting doing just that.  You do have to be careful if you only want to clean the chairs and not paint that you do not get it so intense that you knock paint off with the dirt

After cleaning, time for paint and I use paint in the cans, as it is so much easier than cleaning a paint gun.  I also put the gun attachment on to save my finger from getting a blister

half painted and drying

Put the cushions in and they have a new life and are headed to Holiday’s porch.  So if you have wicker don’t be afraid to clean it or paint it to give it a new life


Sporty showing off the latest in chubby beagle wear.  Too chubby to fit into the doggy jackets at the store… have an owner that will make you a custom made knit one to fit the mature beagle.  Notice the fancy cuff around the neck


Wahooo the ease of movement for for the height challenged


Eat your heart out ladies


In other news Holiday has been getting a few updates.  Gone is the 1970’s TV cabinet from Millie’s house and in comes Steve’s deal of the year.  It is a secret where he got it but it was an awesome deal! and so much better than what we had


Owww la la…. I was not sure the big flat screen would fit in the cabinet but it did


Steve was also searching around a few other haunts and came up with this nice card playing table for Holiday.  I am not sure why Holiday never had a table on the porch, it has been the only porch missing a table for years until now


We picked up 2 of these old wicker couches last spring.  They got cleaned and paint job this summer and made a trip to the upholstery lady this fall and have returned.  Holiday is getting a porch make over finally


All day light fluffy snow has been coming down covering the pines


I picked up these 2 old wicker couches a month ago.  They will not be staying the colors you see.  I have usually cleaned wicker with a bucket of water and a scrub brush but getting all the dust and dirt out of all the crannies and crevasses can be a nightmare.  I had a tip given to me by the lady who will be reupholstering these couches when I am done painting them.  Use a air compressor to blow the dirt out.  Why didn’t I think of that! after all these years of scrubbing and rubbing paint off


Tool needed


I smelled a familar odor as I was blowing the dust and dirt off the back of the couches.  Ode to Horse.  I realized as I was up close and personal with the old backing that it was stuffed with horse hair.  Spend time working at a stable and you never forget that smell.  I think we will find something else to stuff the new cushions with


What will they look like and where will they go… stay tuned… I will say the flower pattern is definitely out.