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It was a cool but ok weekend to get out and do a few events.  The trusty Iphone camera came along instead of my main camera as it fits in a pocket so bare with the graininess.  The above picture was taken heading down the trail across from the resort for a bike ride into Minocqua for Beef A Rama.  Iphones do not like bumpy trails while I am trying to keep up with 2 kids and document the beautiful colors.  I think nice leaf pictures will have to wait for my cannon camera but you get the idea

A much easier less bumpy picture cutting through Timber Ridge to the bike trail

The colors were coming out on the bike trail and it was a beautiful 3 miles on the Bearskin in to town.  No traffic and no fighting for parking

Beef A Rama in Minocqua.  I have been asked by many people what is Beef A Rama.  Think of a party involving cooking beef roasts that combines with Halloween.  It started many years ago as a end of season thank you party for locals.  It has grown into a crazy street party with cooking beefs, people dressed as cows and lots of beer.  The only thing that drives Troy nuts is the use of the dairy cow as the beef cow.  Everyone dresses in black and white cows not beef cows.  I have to listen to this rant once a year til it all gets put away.  Troy grew up working on a dairy farm and definitely knows the difference.  He told me the other day if it has udders, people don’t eat it.  Old dairy cows are not for people consumption.  All that being said Beef A Rama is a hoot to see

We ran into the beef judges tasting and voting.  NOt sure what the qualifications are to be a judge except you had best be hungry

This would be a typical Beef a Rama display, dressed up for the 70’s with a smoking roast in the background and fun music playing

Music is to be enjoyed everywhere.. and dare I point out the hat with the wrong colors for beef cows… but I have complained enough about that for one day.

My pictures of Beef a Rama end here as we headed to the huge craft fair and I was to busy looking to take pictures and we headed home before the beef parade started

Our 2nd event of the weekend was to head out to Winter Park Day down a few miles of dirt roads that led to Winter Park.  The colors were out and it was a pretty drive

Along the way you don’t see much traffic except for trucks parked on firelanes like this.  Folks in the trucks are most likely scouting out their hunting spots for this fall.  Lots and Lots of hunters

You know you are getting close to Winter Park when you see signs like this

Finally made it to the park.  It was a day for skiers to get together and look forward to the season and celebrate the folks that work hard to keep the park going

I love one of their mottos

This year the guest of honor was the Tyler family who lets Winter Park run a number of their trails over their private land.  With out land owners like these Winter Park would not be able to have such great trails.  Big thanks to the Tylers and their commitment to the area and Winter Park, we appreciate your efforts.  Can’t wait to take our first ski and snow tube at Winter Park this winter


There may be a large yellow ball in the sky rising but it sure is not warm


Burr…. with Windchill we are down at about – 15 to -20 this morning.  By the weekend though we are supposed to be cracking the 30’s which should be great for playing outdoors.  Maybe a return to Winter Park’s sledding hill

I received this email newsletter from Winter Park and thought I would share.  So much good stuff happening out there but the highlight is a return of tubing and better yet a tow rope to get you back up the hill.  This should be an awesome thing to do this winter and I can’t wait for my first tub run down Squirrel Hill
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Dear Troy & Jenny,

David Bowie sang it almost 40 years ago   …….
and boy is it ever appropriate today around Minocqua Winter Park.

As you’ll read, we’ve been working real hard to bring you a new and improved Winter Park experience while maintaining all of the good things you’ve come to expect from one of your favorite xc ski destinations.  Along with the physical changes, there’s a renewed energy around the park that veterans haven’t seen the likes of in years.  When I accepted the position of Executive Director this summer I set two general goals to help build upon the good things that all of my predecessors (in particular, Keith Smith who really started the ball rolling four years ago) had accomplished  – 1) improve the overall value of the MWP experience and 2) help make Winter Park more of a Winter Park.  Read on to see how we’ve gotten a pretty good jump on those goals

Thanks so much for being a part of MWP’s eNewsletter group.  As the new guy in charge at Winter Park, it feels great to be “giving back” energy to a place that has provided me with so much positive energy over the years.  And, as you’ve read, there certainly has been a lot of energy put into so many different areas of Winter Park by so many different people.  If you are one of those folks,
thank you, thank you, thank you!  Everyone will enjoy the results of your time and talents.
The Skiers
Have fun, and we’ll ski you soon,

Jim DiDomenico
Executive Director
Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center

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Thanks for being a friend of MWP, and please pass this enewsletter on.


We heard that call that Winter Park needed help with storm clean up.  Trails were full of downed trees and sticks that would get caught in the groomer.  We headed out to the park just 7.5 miles from the resort to give a hand and met up with one of our former guests Linda Wrobel and her husband John who have made helping out at Winter Park one of the things they enjoy working on, while enjoying their Northwoods retirement.


Open area in front of the chalet, the former Squirrel Hill where folks down hill skied until about 1980.  Now rumor has it Winter Park is exploring ways of making part of this hill approved for sledding which would be a great thing for the area.  Finding a public spot for sledding is hard with insurance companies and this is a perfect hill as you can see for sledders.  Lets hope they work out all the details


End of the trail for driving only walking ahead.


Off for a beautiful afternoon walking the trails.  We cleaned up VO2 Max trail.  Anyone that has survived that trail skiing knows what my legs feel like from hiking it.


The mists and the color were at the lake this morning.  Enjoy









Now that I have tortured you with pictures of the awesome color, I do have 2 cabins left for this weekend.  Beef A Rama is this weekend that everyone should experience once in their life.  I hear the pirates are back on the corner by the Belle Isle.  Parade of Beef, Beef Sandwiches, and Craft Fair.

Sunday Winter Park is having Winter Park day with all sorts of family and individual things to do like Nordic Walking Hike Kids Treasure Hike,  Mountain Bike Tour, Hayrides, Games and Races for Kids, CAT Skiing, Nature and Birding Walk.  My favorite Bad Bones BBQ will be there as well along with the Timberline String Band and Leinenkugels Beer.  Does it get better than this?


My favorite pic of the day.  We got an additional 5 inches of snow last night and this morning.  The trees were loaded and it was beautiful to look out off the hill at the snow still coming down through the pines.  Good news is our problems with our plow truck are on the way to being fixed.  Truck has a new exhaust system which was planned for maintence.  The plow on the other hand is a different story.  Troy and Steve spent an entire day last week getting the plow off the truck and up to the shop.  We are at the mercy of the mechanic at the plow shop who is swamped at the moment.  Good thing the folks coming today have 4 wheel drive, as it is going to be a few days yet before the resort gets plowed out.  Maybe we can bribe him with Christmas cookies or cranberry bread



Digging out the old fashioned way.  Between last week and this weeks storm snow is definitely pilling up.  I had skiers out at Winter Park last weekend reporting good conditions.  Vilas County snowmobile trails open on Wednesday and Oneida’s trails open on Thursday.  Looks like it will be a good Christmas to New Years conditions for playing in the snow.  I also saw my first crazy Ice Fishermen on Lake Katherine this last weekend


More pics off the hill


Bows and Bells are up now if we could just get the driveway plowed we will be ready for Christmas


Beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and a Packer’s Bi week.  Time to head out of the house to the road less traveled.  This road is Camp 9 at the end of Lower Kaubashine.  It leds out to our destination Squirrel Hill (aka Winter Park x-country ski area)  The road goes from paved to gravel to dirt.  No houses just lots of trees and spotty cell phone reception.  We headed out to see the fall colors off of Squirrel Hill the center of what is now known as Winter Park


Fire Tower that sits atop Squirrel Hill


The name has changed to Winter Park but at least the road still has the old name.  Squirrel Hill used to be a small local down hill ski area combined with x country skiing.  It had 2 tow ropes.  During the early 80’s insurance rates and vandelism forced its closure.  It reopened as a strictly x country park owned by the town of Mincoqua, and is now one of the best x country spots in Wisconsin.  On New Years Eve each year, they open up the front slope for sledding and it is fun to take a trip down the big hill again


Gate across the road forces you to enjoy a quiet and colorful walk up the hill



Many a teenager has taken a dare and climbed the steps to the top.  I am not sure if the top of the tower is still open and was not going to test the stairway.  With age comes wisdom


view off the hill with the color.  I believe the lake in the background is Squirrel Lake


Leaving Winter Park drivers in the winter have a choice, the safe and longer way out to Hwy 70, or brave the unplowed Camp 9 and Scotchman Lake roads better known as glorified snowmobile trails.  Many white knuckled drives have been done back to the resort.  Linda and John will also tell you a wild tale of picking up a hitchhiker on camp 9 with a chain saw and gun along the side of the road


On the way back to the resort we made a pit stop for a Geo Cache at Mercer Springs.  Living here my entire life it still amazes me the small out of the way places Geo Caching will led you that I never knew about.  Mercer Springs I assume somehow connects to Mercer Lake


Geo Cache spotted and logged.  Not a hard one


Bringing along a kayak and a fishing pole would have been a good idea.  Neat out of the way place.  Topped the afternoon with a caramel apple at Mincoqua Fudge

BIG NEWS: cAPITAL cAMPAIGN aNNOUNCEMENT:  $200,000 Goal/ $43,385 Pledged & Received to Date!
Dear Friend of Minocqua Winter Park,
To many of us, Minocqua Winter Park is much more than a great place to ski.  It is home to our Nordic community, a place where friends from near and far come together to share their love of cross country skiing and our wondrous winter season. Great trail conditions, however, come at a steep price. We must proactively plan for replacing our aging grooming equipment.
The Winter Park Board of Directors recognizes the invaluable support of many in sustaining the park over the years and commitment to the Nordic community.  Now we are taking on a project critical to our future and we want your help.
The On Track Campaign is a capital fund raising program that will ensure Winter Park’s continued ability to offer the best ski trail grooming possible.  The goal is to raise gifts and pledges of $200,000 for the purpose of upgrading trail grooming equipment, including a new Pisten Bully 100.
For over thirty years now, you and your friends have built a dynamic silent sport community that has worked to create unsurpassed trails and skiing opportunities for all ages. The Winter Park Board of Directors and staff have made a solid financial commitment to On Track. Now, we need you to join us as we enter a new phase that will put Winter Park on a sound financial footing for many years to come.
Please contribute to the On Track Campaign at a level you can afford.  Your donation as a contributor can be paid over a three year period and is tax deductible. Your gift will make a big difference.