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With temps soaring into the 90’s and due points putting us over 100 it was time to try walking on water

Or floating with your favorite friend

Or seeing how many you could get on the raft

Potoon boat ride in the breeze

dipping a toe in the lake for the first time

Or just having fun with family.  It was a good day on Lower Kaubashine

Thanks again to Katie for her pictures.  She had her camera at the lake and even caught a pic of my diving in the lake but that is the joy of being the blog writer and editor..  I get to control which bathing suit shots go on the blog.  Thanks KT


The last of the docks and steps came out today.  Mac is looking disturbed by this occurance


What the heck happened to my steps to get into the lake


Honestly they were here yesterday…… how am I supposed to get in the lake to get stinky and a drink gonna happen now?


This thing bounces up and down and does not look safe to me….  I don’t care if you are out on it I am not going to get on it!


You can hold it all you want, but I know it moves and I am not going out on it


Ok well maybe……..


I made it but I don’t like it and do not trust it!

*Missing picture is Mac sitting out on the raft by himself which I tried to take but he Jumped off the scary moving raft to quick for my camera.  Maybe when it gets frozen in he will have more trust in it*


It was a warm beautiful late summer afternoon with folks out enjoying the lake



Time to see if the retreiver in Mac likes water.  He is definitely not a jump in the water dog like Poe.  He slowly wades in with encouragement.  The final step off is scary and he balks at it


Ok, not so bad once you are in.  I haves seriously caught the golden ring and have the best home possible, laughing at all my litter mates who jumped beat me out for all those other homes.  Resort dogs life is the way to go!


The Schmidt Family had one problem this week.  Who would get to sleep in the swinging bed?  Grandpa was the first to claim it.  Would anyone else get a chance to sleep on the porch because Grandpa does not look like he is moving anytime soon


The answer to this problem was this very comfy blow up mattress.  I have never seen a mattress this thick and comfy looking.  50 dollars from JC Penny


Definitely more comfy than the blow up mattress I remember from our camping days.  It also blew up in 5 minutes.  Grandpa may still have to share when the kids discover this bed does not swing like the swinging bed


Eight dove in the water for the “Big Swim” across the lake.  There were 5 first timers.  Most afternoons in the summer you will see heads bobbing across the lake for anyone brave enough to do the “Big Swim”


The trusty boat spotters staying close to the swimmers in case anyone needed to jump on and to keep other boats away


The Peanut gallery cheering everyone across the lake


Sarah a veteran of many a “Big Swim”, taking it a little slow with her bad knee and cheering on Kate from Ireland who was swimming farther than she ever had before.  Go Kate GO!


We made it!  Now who is swimming back?  4 did make the return trip swimming back and 4 jumped on the boat.  5 new lake swimmers can go home to brag they made it across the lake.  Kate was thrilled to make it but will not be swimming the English Channel when she gets home


This is the only picture needed today to prove THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT!  I believe the gloom set in June 5th or so and it has taken this long for the sun to return.  Everyone will be soaking up some much needed vitamin D today


For the fishermen out there I had this pic sent to me from Brent and Annette Geilenfeldt.  Brent caught this muskie while up last week in the gloom and the rain.  It was the highlight of their week.  I am sure Annette has it already scraped in her online photo book.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for this trips photo book.  She can’t beat her squirrel pics or putting the driveway on fire this winter


I caught the Johnson family having fun down at the lake this morning.  After the rain of the last few days everyone was ready to hit the lake for some fun in the sun


Kids trying to keep up with the paddleboat but Grandma had the lead in the row boat and was not giving it up easily


While fun was being had in the swimming area, Don Landbo and his son Grant here searching for the “big fish” over by the snag.  This is what escaping to the Northwoods is all about, quiet moments with a fishing pole and your son.  I am sure these will be some of the moments Grant looks back on later in life as his favorite times with Dad on Lower Kaubashine


I transplanted some Anemone a few years ago and it is  nice to see them come into bloom


New flowers I put in this year in bloom.  Can’t remember what they are.. maybe someone out there can identify them for me


Mike Rose shared these pictures of the fish he caught this weekend.  This is officially the world’s ungliest muskie.  I think it had been in a few fights and its face came out the looser.  It was 39.5 and thrown back into Lower Kaubashine to keep scaring everyone with its ugly face


Mike was thrilled to catch the biggest Walleye he has ever caught at 25.5 inches.  A much prettier fish than the Muskie and was also released back into the depths of Lower Kaubashine


Loon stopping in for fishing tips from Mike

Thanks to Lauren, Mike’s daughter for being woken up earlier than she wanted to take pics of dad’s fish.  Thanks to the Rose family for sharing these great pictures!


Been a busy few days getting the resort ready no time for pictures or typing.  So enjoy these quick pics I took this morning of a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine



Good news, we were not sure if the big pontoon was going to have a motor this summer.  Our motor gave out and a new one priced in at 5,500 dollars.  With a little shopping around and phone calls a motor was found and the big pontoon will be on the lake in a couple of weeks.


Time to head the raft out to its spot in the lake so we have room to put the white dock in.  Towing the raft to its spot can be a comedy of errors that we have all participated in (including an infamous launching by Paul)


Hmm notice one wadder on and one off… who got the leaky ones this time?


Heading out into position.  Keep Going!


Hope this is the right spot because that anchor weighs a &%^& ton and I am not pulling it up?


You don’t like the spot, put down the camera and pull the anchor up yourself and move it.  I did it better than Paul!


After all the painting of the blue dock parts and moving them around, apparently I screwed up their order and there was much discussion about which part went where


The great architect  getting it all back together



In other news, Bayview is just about completely roofed and should be done by the weekend.  All he has left is the porch.  I am sure Murry and Tom won’t notice a few drips on the porch this summer