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Steve decided it was time to give the Birch Trees around the resort a fresh coat of paint.  Craig also instructed him to keep going and paint a few of the pine trees like birch trees since we have lost so many of our birch to the birch disease.

This is what happens to resort owners the week before Memorial Day… minds start to go…

This blog entry brought to you by the mind of Steve


Ted and Mark arrived from Virginia for their annual week of woodsplitting in January.  There is just something about spending time together up Nort, that makes these 2 fly half way across the country to help us fill the shed up for summer


Troy trying to keep up with them piling.  Packer play off game this afternoon will bring wood splitting to a early finish today along with the entire state of Wisconsin.  During the Packer game is the best time to go grocery shopping in Minocqua, the aisles and streets are deserted


A quiet week at the resort without guests in some areas means Craig starts looking to the sky at dead trees.  They picked this tricky dead birch between out house and Kaubashine.  Odds on hitting the house 50 – 50


Discussing and tightening up the come a long


Notice Craig picking up his feet, tree is not far behind




Neither Kaubashine or our house hit..  Now on to a trickier tree


Tying the knot at the top of the ladder in some more dead birch by Birchwood


Getting the land line set.  Will Jack’s landing get hit?


More debate and sharing of wisdom


I think the tree is rotten, Craig says, just before a dead branch just about takes out Steve at the base


Intense debate about the notch and cut


When the fingers start pointing you know they are a little nervous


No need to worry


Tree number 3, the trickiest of the day with lots of dead branches leaning over the road.  The plan to pull the tree over towards the sauna


Will the plan work?


With their new come a long system, I sort of miss the days of tieing the rope on the truck and flooring it to pull the trees over.


Wood has been wildly flying off the wood splitter this week.  Thanks to Ted, Troy and Steve there is plenty of firepit wood for a year


Steve with a gleam in his eye attacking the wood the old fashioned way.  He was splitting wood that will never see a firepit or a cabin fireplace.  Oak is kept in Troy’s secret storage spot for our woodstove for our house this winter.  Funny thing I have discovered over the years is that most folks do not like to use oak as it is harder to start the fire.  People in the cabins love birch and popple as it starts much easier.  We will happily keep the golden oak supply all to ourselves


Along the road there has been a pretty yellow flower blooming in the last week or so.  I had it identified by Char and her daughters Karey and Anne


It is a non native plant called Birds-Foot Trefoil introduced from Europe.  It was originally a forage crop.  Now planted along roads for erosion control.  It is very aggressive and takes over disturbed soils quickly.  It is a nectar source for European Skipper and Sulpher butterflies.  Thanks to Char, Karey and Anne for solving the mystery of the yellow flowers