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It was a wonderful warm weekend to enjoy fall in the Northwoods

Mack was in to it


We took him for a walk on the Schlect Lake Trail 10 minutes from the resort




The volunteers at Schlect Lake are gearing up for winter with the grooming equipment out for ski trails.  They do a wonderful job keeping these trails ready for skiers.  Part of the trail is lit at night and very fun to do


This is the attachment that makes the ski tracks in the snow

There is also a roller that goes down the trail first flattening out the snow.  It is quite a process these volunteers do to keep the trails in great shape


Back at the resort Luke was learning from his grandpa Steve Peterman the ins and outs of pinball.  Luke was joining the guys for his first time in the woods grouse hunting.  Steve was beaming with three generations of his family coming to the resort with him hunting and spending time together


Steve had already left when I took this picture Sunday morning but here is the other 2 generations of the family spending a priceless weekend together


Still colors around the woods to enjoy for another week


This is always one of the prettiest maple trees in the resort




We had a snowy weekend in cold it was beautiful








We had the first snowmen of the winter visit


We had a very busy weekend at the office.  We were a stop on the Northwoods Art Tour.  Eric Peterson came up to join us and had a great set up outside the office with his awesome wood items he makes.  Eric makes the neatest swedish butter knife around.  


Eric kept the fire going for the weekend and it was the hang out spot


He spent the weekend demonstrating our magnesium fire starters and they were flying off the shelf

I realized after the three days of the tour I did not take any pics of the tour inside the office except for one


Hundreds of people through our door over 3 days and this was the only picture taken at 3 o’clock Sunday when the wine came out with the hat machine

Good weekend had by all and lots of socks, scarves, gloves, soaps and fun were enjoyed


One sock machine might have a new home as well.  Amanda Hixson is fostering Stanley for a few weeks to see if they get along.  Her husband Chris has already been bitten by Stanley but he did not draw blood.  Amanada is returning in 2 weeks for our first crank in at the resort with 15 sock makers to try out Stanley and get some lessons.  Stay tuned to see if Stanley has a new home


Sun came out after the weekend



Cabins open this coming weekend and some I am allowing 1 night rentals on that open on Saturday. Call for details or check out the website



IMG_0555 (1)

The colors are amazing

IMG_0556 (1)

The playground in full color

IMG_0557 (1)


IMG_0494 (1)

IMG_0541 (1)

IMG_0493 (1)

Mack loved having his boys home this week.

IMG_0564 (1)

Even more he enjoyed a visit from his buddy Barb

IMG_0563 (1)


Barb brings him pig ears and he remembers!

IMG_0553 (1)

The guys took out the big pontoon.  Missing pic was the smaller pontoon towing this big one over as it decided it was not going to start.  We had to push it from behind up on to the trailer in a stiff wind.  Steve had to back up into the lake with his truck

IMG_0559 (1)

Next up was taking out the big swim dock.  Water temp was 52 degrees.  Steve could not feel his feet when he was done

IMG_0561 (1)

Troy enjoyed being on shore for this one

IMG_0562 (1)

IMG_0551 (1)

The sock machine has been busy.  The Northwoods Art Tour is going on at the resort this weekend.  We are a stop on the tour.  The sock machines will be out in the office demoing socks. 

IMG_0546 (1)

IMG_0543 (1)

We have a couple cabins open this weekend starting Saturday.  Check them out on the website just click on availability


The colors are getting brighter and brighter.  This weekend may be close to peak.  I have 3 cabins open with 2 night minimums.  We are offering specials on Muskie and Holiday for smaller groups at 180/night Fri and Sat and 165/night mid week.  Great cabins for a large or small group.  They will be 245/night up to 6 or 275/night up to 10



Taking out one of the pontoon boats I caught Jimmy and Fritz out muskie fishing in the shoreline

I did not stop and ask how it was going but Jimmy would say “Hey I am not at work and all is good”


Cruising the bay to Hilltop


One pontoon out and 3 left in for a couple more weeks


I paused to take some pics down the creek at Hilltop



The sock machine is whirling keeping up with Christmas gift shopping.  Lots of miles put on my pedals the last few weeks keeping the socks stocked in the sock shop



Give a call if you want to head down this path this weekend and enjoy the colors


It was a beautiful day in the northwoods and time to head down a trail and quit working


We headed down the Bearskin for a quick tour of the bridges


Mack along for a jaunt away to work off the bacon someone made for him this morning


Mack’s comment “I am enjoying the view and I did not mention the carmel apple you need to work off”


Nothing like the Bearskin in the fall


Back to the resort it was time to do some fire pit beautification.  Troy and Steve are working on installing a few new fire rings around the resort.  Bayview got the first one


Sunset at Birchwood





It is a beautiful time of year to be at the resort


The sugar maples are popping colors here and there and the pine needles have started falling as well.  Many more colors to come in the next 2 weeks


This nice small muskie was caught and released this weekend by Jon Balun.  His 2nd muskie ever and he was thrilled


The hardware store is closing and they had a deal on snaps.  What do you do with a bucket of snaps….


You start organizing them and think of all the uses you might come up with for them


A whole selection of pulleys for porch curtains was also in the bucket, just waiting for a porch to go on


Back to pretty fall pictures




This picture will be filled with a lot more color in about a week or two.  We still have a few fall openings 

Our website has undergone a make over.  We are still working out some of the bugs out of the system and wording.  It will be evolving over the next few weeks as things change on it.  Our availability is posted through the 4th week of August 2020 right now.  Christmas and Thanksgiving calls are starting, if you want to spend the holidays in the Northwoods give a call soon as we are starting to fill up.


It was a misty morning.  Enjoy these pics by the lake








The road to the resort is about to become very colorful.  Everything seems ready to pop


The maple trees are getting a little head start in some areas



Here and there you see the maples 



I spent an afternoon at the office in the sun this weekend working on this old Legare 47 sock machine getting it running like butter.  This will be one very nice sock machine when I get it all working.  This one will be for sale soon if anyone is interested in sock making


The guys are tired of bailing all the boats with all the rain we have been getting.  The paddle boats got pulled out for the season along with another row boat or two


I snuck down to Blackwood pier to take a pic of the sunset today.  This pier has great sunsets


Need these views?  I have mid week openings and next weekend Shamrock and Eagles Nest open up on Saturday with a  2 night minimum.  Eagles Nest is 165/Saturday and 135/night mid week.  Shamrock has a spacial going  for 4 people or less at 180/night Saturday and 155/night Sunday or for larger groups 210 for Saturday and 175/night mid week.  Give a call if interested 715 356 3018


Fall has arrived and everyone slows down just a little more and takes a little more time to enjoy the Northwoods before it gets too cold


We had a few school skippers up enjoying time to grandma and grandpa at the lake fishing and playing pinball.  Catching muskies and having a pinball tournament are golden moments for Samuel and Adam with Marie and Horst.  The smiles say it all.  Back to studying and learning their math facts 


Time spent swinging on a red horse and thinking about how to build a fairy house with dad


It was also time to haul a few boats out of the water.  Less bailing.  We lined them up behind the ski boat and off they went to Hilltop to be hauled out



All roads Labor Day Weekend end here


We had lots of nice fish caught this week.  Kim Taylor got this nice bass


Her son landed this lunker that was released back into the lake


The Voight family was all smiles  with Adam and Samuel landing their first 32 inch muskie with their dad Roy and Grandpa Horst.  

This muskie as well was released back into the lake but the excited Whoops of the Voight twin boys can still be heard echoing off the lake


Other families took a quieter approach to the weekend enjoying a nice fire at Bayview


Steve, Penny and Bella had fun at the end of Summer Menards kayak sale bringing home new kayaks.  The dark blue one is headed to Blackwood many at Blackwood will enjoy that new improvement


Steve took the red canoe from the office down for a special trip around the lake



He took it over to the Semmelmeyer/Gereke cabin to give Peggy Stockton a ride in her old family canoe.  They sold it to our family in the late 80’s and Steve finally got around to restoring it a few years ago.  Peggy had great fun reliving many memorable rides in this canoe.  It is from the late 20’s and is a Saint Louis Canoe.  Happy to see it make its yearly paddle on Lower Kaubashine


Bella had fun keeping up with Steve and Peggy in one of the spiffy new kayaks


Anyone need a Christmas stocking they are 65 dollars each with names put on.  They will not last long as we get closer to Christmas

Contact Jenny at if you are interested in getting some