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Beautiful warm days of summer at the resort.  Took the red boat out for a spin around the lake for fun


Our beach getting busy with everyone in their spots, warm temps and happy kids jumping in


David and Leanne getting their feet wet while Bryce was wasting no time in enjoying the water


Mark Tempel having fun enjoying the water no better place to be!


IMG_6611 (1)

I hear the fishing has been good this week.  Brian McCabe and his boys headed out to find the crappie on the first morning.  I hear they found the fish because the fish house has been busy with a few groups.  I think it is safe to bet that their will be a fish fry at the Frisch cabins this week 

IMG_6620 (1)

Besides fish there are also berries a plenty.  Troy and I went to a local strawberry farm last week.  This week we snuck out with a friend on a local golf course to get raspberries.  A wild ride with questionable brakes across the rolling hills with a Great Dane and Golden Doodle was a story for another day.  Many raspberries were found!  Blueberries at a local farm yet this week followed by blackberries in a couple of weeks will fill out freezer

IMG_6560 (1)

We did sneak away for a couple of days to an undisclosed Lake Superior beach with Mack for a few days.  It was delightful.  Make sure to take a visit to Lake Superior when you are at the resort.  Parts of it are just over an hour away from the resort.  

IMG_6475 (1)

Lots of good times at the beach this week.  I think many would say this is their favorite view


Tom Hixson directed us through our annual Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament at Hilltop.  After over 20 years of doing this I can honestly say the competition has slowly gotten better.  Most of us can hit the pit most of the time and the sound of shoes hitting the stake has increased.  We even saw a few 6 packs on each side of the pits womens and mens.  A 6 pack is one person getting both shoes to ring the stake.  Mr Tungett did not know what he started so many years ago that we continue in his honor gathering friends and families at one of his favorite games


This year the finals were Troy 

IMG_6473 (2)

vs Dan Heinz a newcomer in the last 3 years.  Dan did a great showing for the Heinz family!

IMG_6471 (2)

Heather was Troys partner and got a 6 pack around the stake in the final round!  Awesome Heather!


Grace demonstrated great form and got her own points


In the end Troy and Heather pulled it out thanks to Heather’s awesome 6 pack.  

Horseshoe playing cards and vinyl stickers were the prizes

IMG_6476 (2)

The best part comes later in the day after everyone cooled off in the lake, a picnic for 4 potluck the we did this year at Muskie Inn cause all the tables were there from the Low Country Boil the week before.  Good Times!


This weeks movie was the classic The Great Outdoors requested by Amanda Moran.  Next year we have promised Meatballs

Classic picture of “Suck My Wake” skimming across the lake in the movie


Other big news is we had 7 loons on the lake.   We do not have a breeding pair on  the lake this summer sadly.  Instead we have the juvenile loons stopping in and checking out the lake.  They are teenagers checking out the area and they travel in packs usually harassing pairs on lakes looking for they future spot.   Lets hope one of these young loons decided we are pretty nice place to take up residence

There was a report of the loons fishing and an eagle swooping in on them and stealing their fish they had just brought to the surface.  Eagles are opportunists and loons supply them with fish once in awhile


Grant and Bex’s stickers have been a hit and heading off the shelves.  They are sending me more stickers this week from California where they are for 2 months.  Enjoying the sights and working but missing the calmer midwest once in awhile and afternoons skiing on Lower Kaubashine


Cool sun halo or rainbow around the sun

We do have a cancelation in Red Pine August 13 – 20th give a call if interested





Happy 4th!  We spent the night out on the lake with the amazing fireworks our neighbors shoot off.  Will Flower and Gloria Snodgrass get photo credit for the following pics as I was taking a video of it that is on our Facebook page

IMG_6463 (1)

IMG_6462 (1)


The pre show boat ride waiting for sunset.  No traffic or crowds perfect night on the lake except for the mosquitos


Back to the goings on at the resort

You might have noticed our blog was down for awhile.  It went down at about the same time our webmaster did.  Thankfully he is feeling better and his fingers are dancing over the keys again and got us back up and running but that is a story for another day that he can tell just very thankful he is back!


Mack’s number one favorite person arrived.  Kelsey and he have had a bond over 11 years the none of us can explain.   She does not like dogs, but loves Mack and Mack loves her.   He hears her voice yell Mack and even if it has been a year he literally perks up and runs to Kaubashine.  


Golden Retrievers I swear can smile.  I do know there is a box of Milk Bones close but the bond is more than that 


Back to our 4th of July events, we had an amazing Low Country Boil for 40 people but on by 3 amazing cooks!  All I can say is wow! and so did everyone else it was a true treat


Table set just needed people to show up and they did

IMG_6440 (1)

We even had an Old Fashioned Station manned by Will Flower.  


I had no idea what a Low Country Boil is but all I can say is it was amazing.  Shrimp, crab, lobster tail, sausage corn and potatoes.  Before that we were treated to clams and mussels with bread and the most amazing garlic sauce….. and a salad with squid…..  I am not a seafood person, or is Troy but it was the best we would ever find in the Northwoods and we enjoyed and tried things we never have before.  This is what dinner for 40 people looks like 


And we ate, and drank, and laughed, and talked and ate some more


Hats off to our amazing cooks Chris Moran on the right, James on the left.  Missing from the picture is Eric Peterson who was busy cooking

You did great guys and made a lot of people happy

Now bring on the horseshoes!


Lots going on at the resort as usual.  Lots of fishing and lots of crappies. Thankfully no bear sitings.  We are being very careful cleaning fish remains in freezers only put in the dumpster day before it is picked up.  So far so good!


The old red boat got a fresh paint job from Grant.  He is home till July 1st when he heads off to California on an adventure including San Fransico and Yosemite.  Til then he is enjoying helping us get projects done around the resort


Rule is you paint it, clean it, gas it up, you get to take the first ride in it


Grant and Bex have been working on their own business a sticker store.  We have a selection of their stickers in our shop featuring the resort.  They can do personalized stickers as well of a favorite picture you have or one with your family.  Great for sticking on water bottles, computers…   They have had a fun time developing their own store.  On Etsy they are called Bloomingdesignstickers  


Out at the sock shop another machine arrived.  This one is a 1914 Gearhart.  I think it has found a new home with one of our guests I will be showing how to make socks.  I might have other machines for sale just ask me if interested.  I seem to be a machine magnet for anyone who has one in their attic or basement on a shelf for 20 – 50 years.  Around 15 or so machines have wandered to the resort.  Some have stayed and some have found new owners


Steve bought some new chairs for the beach for loungers.  


With the warm weather Mack can attest to the fact that the water is just right for swimming in the afternoons.  He also objects to anyone saying he is smelly after bathing, just pass the bacon or watermelon


Troy and Steve have been busy fixing a few things on the list.  Picnic tables getting new boards


Steve is working on a new teeter totter


Everyone else has been fishing… lots of fishing


It has been a busy week getting ready for Memorial Weekend.  We got our final dock in with the help of Grant.  They gave up on the waders as they had sprung leaks and the water was warmer
IMG_6082 (1)


From doing finals at Saint Norbert to figuring out what screws go in which hole.  Grant was thankful for the change of pace from studying to frigid water bonding time with dad


Rob Schulz was up again for some spring fishing.  His smile says it all.  Three weeks of paradise ahead for him as family and friends flow through his cabin


Panfish are biting.  This batch was from the Hodes/Buhot crew at the resort

IMG_6050 (2)

Lots of stores closing in town so it is nice to see one opening in the Boardwalk shops.  Great antique and craft store.  Stop by and check it out. 

Store closings I know of in town.  Paul Bunyans (open only for gift shop and dounut sales, restaurant is closed this year), The Vine, Jacobi’s are a few I have heard of.  Lots of things long waits for like our new boat motors for the beach, couches, fridges….  I saw an administrator at Marshfield Clinic helping out his cleaning crew vacuuming because of shortage of cleaning staff.  Many places are at half staff but doing the best that they can


I have expanded my shop into the community room with some cabinets.  The middle one I found at The Found it store.  It is a 1930’s sock display that I love!.  The pie safe on the left came from Gaslight Square.  I also found a jelly shelf not pictured at Ages Past on Hwy 47


The gift shop is restocked with new shirts and t-shirts.  Sweatpants are coming soon


New long sleeve T I think will be a fast seller.  I have more coming with hoods

IMG_6085 (1)

Really cool sunset pictures shared from the Adamietz family



IMG_6089 (1)

IMG_6091 (1)

This is the Moore family campfire I snagged from them


Peace and quiet on the lake

IMG_5982e n

We have had a new visitor at the resort.  A small black bear.  We assume it is a year or two old that mom has kicked out.  We have not seen momma bear anywhere near just this little guy who has taken a liking to our dumpster.  Troy got the surprise of his life when opening the dumpster to see a bear in it.  The bear went out the back of the dumpster as Troy gave his heart a work out.  


It is small and at the moment easily chased off.  We have a new dumpster with a lock bar coming and have called the DNR about relocating our friend.  Every guest in the resort has gotten a view of our friend.  Everyone is just aware right now and keeping food inside.  The dumpster was emptied and we are leaving it that way until the new one arrives


I think it thinks the dumpster is its den.

IMG_5988 (1)

Chris and Amanda demonstrating the best way to walk around resort at the moment.  Pot banging and a barking dog are the best bear deterrent we have at the moment


Big stick banging on a tree and growling at it work as well

Reminds me of the Walking Dead TV show with the guy with a club


Meanwhile work goes on.  Amanda wanted to clean up our woodshed and got to work splitting kindling.  Kindling we ask folks to use sparingly.  A lot of work goes in to keeping a pile high.  Thanks Amanda!

IMG_5961 (1)

We ordered a load of road gravel delivered.  They delivered it right in the middle of the driveway to Kaubashine, Shamrock and Eagles Nest……  Not sure why you would pick this spot to drop gravel……  


Gave the guys a reason to go rent a skid steer.  

IMG_5962 (1)

The final dock got fixed at Eagles Nest


Chris and Steve sanding and painting new screen doors for Bayview and Wildflower at Steve’s house


Its been a busy week but time to enjoy the quiet moments on the lake

IMG_5967 (1)

It is spring and time is short.  I took a lot of pictures working the last few days.   Painting to straightening docks from the ice damage.  Big thank you to Chris and Amanda Moran who came up to help for 2 weeks.  Enjoy the pictures

IMG_5890 (1) IMG_5916 (1) 64157936616__E5E5DC71-FF83-4A08-A5F7-8771DF5CD487 (1) IMG_5878 (1) IMG_5879 (1) IMG_5880 (1) IMG_5887 (1) IMG_5888 (2) IMG_5889 (2) IMG_5891 (1) IMG_5893 (1) IMG_5894 (1) IMG_5898 (1) IMG_5899 (1) IMG_5901 (1) IMG_5909 (2) IMG_5911 (1) IMG_5917 (1) IMG_5918 (2) IMG_5920 (2)








IMG_5921 (2)

This last picture makes me laugh.  At the end of the day Troy was sitting down and the red squirrels started taunting him from the trees.  There is a squirrel in the tree right above his head.  The squirrel war is upon us as the red squirrels went in the basement and ate his butternuts he was cracking.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.  Several have been relocated


This was our wake up view on Mo day.  It was hard to get going.  Thankfully 60’s are in the forecast later in the week.  


So what do you do when it is snowing out on a Monday morning?  Get in the lake and put in docks of course.  Notice that is Chris Moran and Troy in the water.  Steve is on shore in the background without waders on.  Chris and Troy will tell you the ice has not been off the lake long.  

We had to get the blue docks going early so we can move the boats to them.   We have to do repairs on the little boat docks that the ice sheared off.  Lots of dock work to do.  Mother Nature needs to make it easier 


Not cold at all come on in….  Notice Troy’s red hands from being in the cold water

They both headed up to fireplaces after they were done

No comments


The weather has slowly been getting better and we have been starting the getting the place going for summer.  The raft is still jammed up on one of the little docks from ice out but we can pretend it is floating out on the lake and it is 80 degrees out


We had a special delivery of new signs that Eric Peterson made for us.  Eric’s wood work is amazing.  You will see his signs popping up all over the resort


The questions of what side of the shed is try and which is wet wood has been solved.  


Signs says it all  The guys put a lot of time into keeping things stocked including kindling.  I grew up with the idea that 7 pieces of kindling is all you need to get a fire going.  


The latest pile of kindling ready to be cut apart and piled in shed


Chris and Amanda Moran arrived to enjoy the quiet woods and help out with the opening for a couple of weeks.  First thing to do was get the cedar chairs out of the shed and around campfires


Amanda found her new calling, hammering down loose nails in seats


After the chairs got out of the shed there was room to pull the black pontoon out.  It is headed up for some welding fix for a week or so before going in the lake.  Steve also repaired some of the upholstery in March


Back down at the lake the resort boat lift was the first thing put back in the lake.  The little blue docks will be next followed by lots of repairs to our permanent docks.  Lots of 4 by 4 treated were purchased to replace sheared off legs of the docks from the ice


Back to dreaming of summer

We are in the process of getting the blankets and pillows back in the cabins.  As of right now they are headed back  into the cabins over the next 2 weeks.  As long as things remain safe with variants we will leave them in the cabins and beds will be made up.  Our entire cleaning crew is now vaccinated we feel safe putting them back in.  Keep an eye out on our COVID 19 update on the website for changes before you come.  We also now send out packing list 4 days before you come by email.  Changes will be announced there



There has not been a blog entry in over a week because Troy and I headed off down the road to travel some trails. I get asked all the time when do we get away and to where.  This time it was to Southern Illinois to Giant City State Park.  The wildflowers and trails were amazing along with the amazing rock formations around the area


Mack went along for the ride and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of food being outside all the time


Things learned… Always look behind you when taking picture so you don’t trip over a rock and end up in a stream looking up at the sky while your dog laughs at you


Good time away with our feet up.  Shocked to pay 20 dollars for a small pile of wood


Back to the wet northwoods


We heard the loons were back stay tuned for more spring things as we unpack