Hello everyone, Bryon Black here. Welcome to the new Birch Bark Blog, the daily online journal of all things related to running and living at Northern Wisconsin’s best family-owned and operated four-season resort. I’ve been testing the new blog for the past month and feel that it is now ready for your reading, and commenting pleasure. That’s right. You can now comment on the blog entires as Jenny writes them.

That’s not the only change. This blog now comes with a gallery! Jenny will still be uploading photos to go along with her blog entries, but those special, one of a kind photos will find a permanent home in the new Gallery.

This blog also supports media types such as video. To start it off, I thought you all might enjoy a video of the three-time Loon Calling Champion of the world, Jennifer Gibson!

That’s awesome isn’t it?

So, hopefully, you all will appreciate Black’s Cliff Resort’s new Birch Bark Blog and I look forward to reading all of your polite, clean and thoughtfuly-composed comments.