Well I have to give my tree whacker credit.  He apologized in person over the phone and is devastated over what he did when drinking too much.  He genuinely was shaken by understanding what he did.  I have to give him credit for calling back twice til he got me in person to apologize and that to me says he ment it.

I told him to read some of the comments on the blog from folks that stay in Restawhile to read how they felt about their piece of the Northwoods being disrepected and how outraged folks were.

He was genuinely sorry and has a date with me to dig up and replant trees around the cabin.  Some good will come from the situation and I think he learned a lesson.   I think back to mistakes we all made and the mistakes my kids will probably make and I hope if they do, they face up to it like this boy did and make amends, not just shove it off and make excuses.  I give his dad credit for teaching him that lesson.