If you are like me, and a parent of kids under 18, or just someone who does not like inappropriate pop ups on the internet, I have the program to solve your problems.  I just installed Cyberpatrol on my computer.  If you have no filter on your computer and young kids in the house you may want to check it out.  We were running into pop ups on websites the kids were going to for info on their video games.  Cyberpatrol.com solved it and made my computer safe again for my kids to use and me to have one less thing to worry about.  It was 40 for the year, the best 40 dollars I have ever paid!

Funny thing is Cyber Patrol blocks the Birchbark Blog saying it has adult content.  Only thing I can think is the spam links that get caught in my comment section that I block.  You would not believe some of those links I have to delete.  I am able to override Cyber Patrol and let the kids on the site and anyother sites it blocks that I think are ok for them.  I have no idea why I did not sign up for this years ago, one less worry.  Otherwise your computer becomes a portal for all sorts to things you don’t want your kids to see and it is just a click away.