Snow coming in tonight along with Deer Camp 2008.  Snow in the pines pics tomorrow?

This morning I put more time into the 2009 calendar.  I am doing the ordering a little different this year.  If you would like to see it and decide if you want to order it, send me an email and I will invite you into my room at Walgreens.  You will be able then to view it, and order it yourself.  It usually comes with in 2 or 3 days so there is no hurry.  They have new offers at Walgreens. each week and I would wait to order til a good offer comes from Walgreens.  Last week all calendars were 33% off and I am sure they will do that again in the next week or so.  I will keep everyone posted.

I am working yet on November and December pictures and should have it done hopefully by tomorrow.  I think it is looking pretty good and has tons of day dreaming pics to keep everyone happy at work