Hello All

The Black’s Cliff 2009 calendar is done.  I was hoping to invite anyone into my Walgreens room and let them order them individually.  Unfortunately Walgreens does not let you invite others to view and order it.  So I am going to have to take orders for it like last year.   I believe with shipping and handling last year I had them down to 15 dollars.  If I can get them cheaper through a Walgreens offer I will reduce the price but I won’t know til I order.  I will be ordering by December 6th.  So let me know how many you would be interested in.  Email info@blackscliff.com with the number you would like.  Don’t send a check yet til I know the cost I just need to know for now who wants them and how many.

January – snow in the pines pics

February Kite flyng on Lower Kaubashine

March deer crossing he lake and pics of my buddy Cliff

April Best Loon pics I have ever taken

May Spring work around the resort featuring my favorite boat painters and dock installers

June is for fishing and Crappie lovers

July 4th of July horseshoe tournament, featuring Phillip Cass and his perfect marshmellow

August Beach fun featuring a very cute Tungett at the beach

Sept Best leaf color pics of the year

October Best Misty Lake Pics of the year

November Deer PIcs featuring the 8 point I took a  pic of a few weeks ago

December Snow storm in the pines

Cover Shot is one of my favorite pics of the year and I will leave you in suspense on this one from 1st week in August.  Showing a teenager separated from all electronics and friends and just enjoying the Northwoods which I think sums up why families come up Norte