Success at Deer Camp 2008

Success at Deer Camp 2008

This 8 point along with a doe were taken on the 40 across from the resort. During bow season we had another 8 point taken. Hopefully a couple more doe will be taken in the next few days on the 40.  I have not heard yet from our hunting groups that hunt away from the resort, I am sure they got a few.  Hazelhurst is a great place to hunt due to all the public land in the area thanks to the paper company land.  Lots of land is also in forest crop management and the owner to avoid taxes has to agree to open hunting on their land.  Between those 2 things most folks find a great spot to sit. We open up our 2, 40 acre private acres based on seniority at the resort and gives some great private hunting opportunities where you don’t have to worry about yahhoo’s walking through with a loaded gun.  We also open the 40’s up to bow hunting so if anyone is interested in that let me know, we have plenty of openings during the bow season

Craig's big announcment

Craig's big annoucement

For anyone who has pinched their butt on a crack in one of the many oak toilet seats around the is resort this picture is for you! Craig would like everyone to know that he has felt your pain (literally) and has decided to replace the remaining oak seats with plastic.

The complaints from the cleaning crew also helped him make this decision. Who ever heard of absorbent wooden toilet seats when easy to clean plastic ones are available. Only at Black’s Cliff do you get announcements like this. I am sure there are many happy butts out there that would agree this is good news! We waste no good wood at the resort and these toilet seats will be warming Craig’s work space at the Chateau before the end of the week