Sorry for the delay in the announcement of a winner I was supposed to have it up by 9am on Saturday.  We ended up on a hair raising trip down Hwy 70 in snow Saturday morning to get to a Swim Tournament in Phillips by 8:15 am.  Roads were terrible and no internet connection.  Tournament lasted til 5pm 92 events and another fun drive home in the dark on snow covered roads left me with no desire to get on the computer at 7:30pm when the woodstove and couch were looking good along with a movie

The big winner of the Black’s Cliff Can Contest is Chuck with a guess of 325, the actual lbs on the truck was 345.  Chuck send me your home address and I will get the 5 dollar coin out to you for Hilltop.

Til Ice Out Contest March 1st….. that is unless I come up with any other contests to pass the winter away.