Saturday was a wonderful day for a photographer with icey fresh snow in the trees.  Unfortunately I was stuck in a car running around to swimming and basketball tournaments and could only look at it out a car window.  Diane Deloria who was staying at Restawhile this weekend ice fishing caught these great pics.  Enjoy!!

I particularly love this picture above as I think it sums up what a quiet winter weekend is all about.  Escape and enjoying some quiet moments away from it all on the lake.

Thanks Diane, you have a job as a blog photographer anytime!

I could have topped these pics with sunset on County D on the way back from Three Lakes.  The ice was still in the trees and the sun was setting.  County D is such a curvy road when it is dry let alone snow covered and I passed on stopping along the way for pics.

Ice Report from Grandpa Gibson, blue gills were biting yesterday and the ice is about 26 inches deep.  His auger goes to 32 inches so hopefully this is as thick as the ice gets