March 1st means one thing Ice Out Contest 2009 is here and Cliff is returning to the lake for his 5 time waiting to sink into Lower Kaubashine the day the ice goes out.  What day will it be?

Troy helping Cliff make sure that his head is secure for his ordeal on the ice for the next month or so.  Cliff has to hold himself together through snow, cold, rain, sun and finally a dip in the lake.  What day will he take the dip is the question

Cliff is pulling out all the stops to get his favorite TV host to give him a call this year.   Cliff will be at his solitary post on Lower Kaubashine waiting for the ice to melt and Ellen to call.  Which will happen first?

The lonliest post in America.  Who will stop in and visit Cliff this year?  He is waiting for a few kisses on his cold hairy cheek from any lady who will come down and warm him up.  For all the rules on the contest check out our main website for how to make an entry into the contest.  All entries must be in my mail box by March 14th.

The growing pile of wood from Craig’s tree dropping line the lake by Cliff.  Stop in to see Cliff grab a log

And head up the stairs.  Maybe by ice out we will have them all up the steps