Pick a date, mail in $5 to Black’s Cliff Resort PO Box 125 Hazelhurs WI 54531.  Make sure to have your date, money and contact info included.  $2.50 goes to the Northwoods Wildlife Center as a donation, the other $2.50 goes in the winners pot.  The pot will be awarded to the winner or split by the winners depending on how many pick the day.

If Cliff sinks after dark he will be credited to the next day, as Jenny and Troy are not sitting out with a flashlight all night looking to see if he has sunk.  Usually he sinks during the day when the sun is out and the south wind is blowing

All entries must be in my post office box by March 14th (there is an important reason for this date that will be revealed later).

He has sunk as early as late March and as late the end of April.  Over the years we have seen the ice go out as late as the fishing opener the 1st weekend in May.  So it really has a wide range of dates to pick from

Good Luck and Happy Spring from Cliff and all other Cliff Dwellers! It is always interesting to see who drops in and visits Cliff.  Just remember to grab a log on the way up the steps