With the warm sun came better Karma in the resort.  The flu seems to be ebbing and everyone including this bunny came out of winter dull drums.  This rabbit has been spending the winter under the green boats.  This is no dumb bunny.  25 feet from its dry home under the boats is the compost pile of the old bedding from the guinea pig cages.  Mixed in with the bedding is all the left over food and hay the pigs did not eat.  Every week a fresh pile is added.  This is one happy fat bunny living high on the hog and dry all winter.

This rabbit has also figured out that Poe is not very fast and does not move very quickly even when he is out.  Hence I was able to get pictures.  It definitly is not shy

Troy started to work on Kaubashine’s new dock.  Craig left his wave of destruction on the hillside from falling trees and headed to Texas for the rest of the winter.  Troy got the job of fixing Craig’s little blunder with the birchtree and Kaubashine’s dock

Temps in the 40’s and a nice day to work outside.  No gloves required.

New dock ready to head down the hill.  Question is when will the lake unfreeze and did the tree falling on the dock break the supports as well.  We shall have to wait for ice out to access the damage.  Next project is repairing the ski shack

Melting going on.  It may look like it melted but there is still alot of ice on the lake and cold temps are on the way tomorrow and mid week with more snow in the forecast.  Lake Minocqua had about 100 cars on it from ice fishermen to a tournament of Ice Golfers today.  People brought their golf clubs out on the lake and a course was set up.  I wish I had brought my camera to town to catch pics of everyone having a good time.  From the pic above you can see it would not be hard to drill some holes and get the golf clubs out for a little fun

It was warm enough that Poe took time to cool off and get a scratch in the snow.  It sure gave us a taste of spring.  However, winter is not done by a long shot.  The high school basketball championships are this weekend and next and it always seems there is a big snow storm for atleast one of the weekends.

New computer is humming away.  After a final trip to town to replace my outdated air card for internet connection this morning all seems to be working.  Upload a few more set up programs tomorrow and life will be back to normal.  The flu seems to finally be waning and everyone is on the mend.  We may even make it on the first geocache adventure of the spring season tomorrow if everyone is healty and the weather cooperates