Cliff feeling the storm coming and hunkering down.  We are supposed to be getting 4 inches of snow tonight.  Spring is on hold for a few days.  To cheer Cliff up I emailed his favorite TV personality, Ellen.  Will Ellen ever call Cliff?  He is waiting…….

Lake looking lonely and no melting today

The slush from the last few days has started to drag Cliff’s chair down

To move Spring along a little we started to burn the brush left over from Craig’s tree destruction.  How thick is the ice?  Well Troy had no fear being where he was on the lake with a hot burn barrel

Spring Black’s Cliff work out is in full swing.  The logs are slowly making it up from the beach everytime someone goes down to check out Cliff up comes a log.  Who needs a stair master when we have beach steps and a pile of logs


You missed the last time we took the truck on the lake:)  It is not something Troy and Steve ever want to experience again.  It almost involved a tow truck and an angry neighbor.  The sounds of the ice cracking under the truck were enough to send Troy and Steve to the bar.  However if you want to drive across the lake and battle to get the truck off the lake at the entrance where the plow runs into the shoreline come on up it is a lot of fun:)  LOL meanwhile we are getting into shape on those beach steps.  Work out recession style