Cliff took his last day in Chattanooga to hang out with some other ice diving friends of his.  He was getting pointers on how to deal with cold water from the best.

The penguins of the Tennessee Aquarium where more than happy to give Cliff pointers and lessons.

Last Stop

Last Stop

One final stop to see the famous Ruby Falls.  It was a 280 foot ride down an elevator, 1/2 mile walk into Look Out Mountain to reach Ruby Falls

Enjoying the sights of a north bound donkey facing the south

The famous Ruby Falls were worth the hike.  Time to head back North for Cliff to take his own fall into Lower Kaubashine.  Back to Amtrak and Homeland Security.  What friends will Cliff run into at Union Station….. He met some interesting folks on the way out who were very interested in helping Cliff find his way around town and extracuricular activities for a price.  Union Station is a very interesting place…..