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Dan, you and I will have to compare notes on Beale street this summer.  It was definitly an experience with 3 kids and grandma on a Friday night.  BB Kings was too crowded and loud or we would have gone.  The food at Silky’s was good and music was…. interesting…..  See you in July to compare notes

Rick, the converter boxes gave us 2 more PBS stations (Steve and Jen are in heaven with the create channel) one more NBC, Fox, The CW Channel, and a constant local weather channel.  The reception I think is better.  Getting our analog Satellite channels and the Digital local channels to work together and get to all the cabins was a challenge.  See Troy if you have any questions, I stay blissfully ignorant of the entire system beyond turning it on our TV along with all DVD, VCR’s and remote controls in the resort.  We now have directions by each TV should be interesting this summer training everyone in to switchng from Analog to Digital