Here is the official Ice Out List meet our crazy list of folks that have taken the time to join in the fun

April 1st Acelyn Brown entry from Hilltop and tried to bribe Cliff with Rootbeer Floats

April 2nd Cathy Brown accomplice to Acelyn

April 4th Linda Hoadley enjoying Spring Break and ready to soak up the rays at the beach on a blow up mattress with as little sunscreen as they allow

April 6th Roberta Cikowski has been known to bribe Cliff with her pizza

April 8th Barb Moore in charge of watching Cliff March 27 and 28th

April 9th Jimmy Cikowski famous Muskie Fisherman

April 10th Rob Moore (makes the bass tremble), Nancy Kotowicz spent a week with Cliff getting the inside scoop

April 11th Kay, one of Craig’s accountants who tries to keep him in line.  Lives up North and may have instincts for ice as much as she does for deductions

April 12th Margaret Coffen (better than Paul Bunyan at building log homes in the Northwoods), Bob Moore (watching Cliff March 27th and 28th with Barb and may have a few conversations with our friend on ice) Randy Brown (the ring leader of the insurgence from Hilltop will they win the contest this year for the glory of Hilltop?)

April 13th Landbo parents (they have no names but are just trying to beat the kids) Fritz (2008’s winner can he do it again) John Wrobel (has been known to look a little like Cliff to get a smootch from the local ladies) Jan Miller (looking for bragging rights around the campfire this fall)

April 14th Jim Kotowicz had a beer on the lake with Cliff mid March what were they talking about?

April 15th Marie Voight (first time entry just hoping the ice is off by Memorial Day weekend) Will Flower (the best garbage man in the nation!) Mike Grady (in the same boat as Marie hoping that ice is off by Memorial Day)

April 16th Jordan Schad (ready to bring a marching band to the Northwoods if Cliff sinks on this day) Al Cikowski (ready to meet Cliff at Hilltop for a beer and pizza)  Amy and Abigail Hebert (co entry just wanting to remind everyone to not take their organs with them but save a life and donate!) Tom Love (looking to beat jan for bragging rights in the fall

April 17th Dan Biwan Craig’s accountant and after Tax day he is ready to join Cliff on the ice for the final plunge

April 19th  Tom Cikowski (tired of hearing Fritz brag about his winning last year and ready to win) Kim Flower (sitting under a palm tree in Miami and enjoying watching the lake unfreeze)

April 20th Landbo Boys wanting to win and take their parents to Hilltop for Rootbeer Floats

April 21st Horst Voight (our wiley german who may have an instinct for picking the ice date) Linda Wrobel our 2007 winner who has brought old Cliff chocolate cake and a kiss on the cheek

April 22nd Ruth Grady who just wants the ice to leave for her fishing adventure in may

April 23rd Roy Voight wanted the 23rd but nicely let his wife take it and took the next best date

April 24th Gail Voight looking forward to this date for a year as the twins are now 2 and she and Roy have survived Parent  Survivor.

Who will win…… stay tuned