I caught this deer trying to decide if a 3 1/2 legged 9 year golden retreiver was really a threat that required it to get up from its sunny spot on the hill.

After a stare down between Poe thinking he was a puppy and this deer, it did finally get up and flash its white tail at Poe.

In other news it has been busy at the woodshed.  All the birch from the hillside that was carried up is adding to the winter wood pile as it makes it through the wood splitter.  The woodshed is flooded and frozen a yearly problem so the wood keeps piling up outside til it is drier inside

Most of the birch we took down was dead and starting to rot.  As it is being split the bark is pealing off in long chuncks.  I hate to waste this great birch by hauling it out in the woods to rot or burning it in a firepit.  If someone out there has a project they are working on that uses birchbark let me know and I will save it.  There is quite a pile of it