The edge of the ice is creaping closer and closer to Cliff.  Will he stay afloat til the end of the week?

Sink… Sink… Sinking away…….

Favorite view of the lake turning back into flowing water

Kaubashine and Shamrock’s dock showing the total damage done by the dropping birch tree this winter

Chipmunks are out in force raiding our sunflower seeds dropped out of the birdfeeders

I was thrilled to see these new spruce trees sprouting up in my new planted area.  This will be the 3rd growing season for some of my experimental forest gardens.  It is nice to see that the effort is paying off natural local species are returning to these areas now that they have some good soil and ground cover.  packed sand and moss was not welcoming.  Convincing Craig that is ok to not rake some of our tradional areas was a challenge, but this shows it was worth the effort