First thing on our agenda today was to haul a very water logged Cliff out of Lower Kaubashine.  He definitely put on some water weight

Good comercial for the power of life preservers.  Note to self, untie Cliff from the metal chair before attempting to pull him out of lake, it reduces the weight by 1/2

Cliff drying out and enjoying the 60 degrre temps.  Til Ice Out 2010 he is back in the closet.  Some of his stuffing also needed some drying out

Runners up in the contest are going to get 5 dollar coupons to Hilltop.  We had 7 folks in that category: The Lando parents, Fritz (2008 winner), John Wrobel, Jan Miller, Marie Voight, Will Flower and Mike Grady.  I will have your 5 dollar coins and Cliff may come out of the closet to present them to you when any of you stop in.