We caught this Pine Sisken below our bird feeders.  It was wandering around and not flying off.  We knew something was up.  Over the past week we have found 4 dead birds around our feeders.  We took this bird for a ride up to the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital.  It died the next morning.  I was told they have seen a lot of song birds like this on in the last week or so that have contraced salmanilla from old or dirty seed.  I was told it was probably not my feeder but along the way up North migrating this bird stopped and picked it up from other feeders.  It takes about a week for them to die once the contract it.  There is little to nothing the Center can do but make them feel comfortable.  They can pick salmanilla up from old feed, the stuff at the bottom of the feeder that nobody likes to clean out.  My feeders just got a good cleaning and put it on the list of things I need to do once in awhile.

Hope to not find anymore dead birds today