Our 2nd cache adventure took our new family mini van down roads(snowmobile trails) that it was not ment for.  We carefully took negotiated the ruts over a mile into the woods to our destination.  I knew this one was going to be neat due to the history involved.  Below is a picture of where we were headed

Originally from Ionia Michigan, Arthur Stevenson purchased this land to grow cranberries in the Bolder Junction area. Construction of the house began in 1912 on the site of a lumber camp. A small saw mill was in operation on the creek which was used to saw the wood needed for the house. The mill workers stayed at the old bunk houses while construction of the house was in progress.

Local rumor had it that one of the Stevenson’s daughters became pregnant by a local worker at the CCC camp. The family was so ashamed that they left the area and abandoned the house around 1915. The house was never finished when they left.

There are different views as to what happened to the home after they left. One is that it burned down, another is that it was sold for it’s tamarack logs which were then used as shoring in the mines in Upper Michigan. A third is that it was sold for the fine cedar lumber used in it’s construction.

We came around the corner and found this tower of stone that was all that was left of the Stevenson House.  This is why I love Geo Caching, only through this sport would we find these unique places that everyone else passes up as they cruise by on the snowmobile trail.  This was about 200 feet off the trail hidden in the woods

Towards the top of the chimney you can see the outline of the old roof line

Trees growing up in the middle of the old house.  Anyone seen Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian where the children come back to find their old castle falling apart.  It reminds me of this scene

This was the fanciest house in Boulder and what stories does this wall have to tell.  I love old remains like these

Time to head back down the road in the family roadster, really have to make that first payment on the van before taking it on an adventure like this.  Where is this place for you to find www.geocaching.com join it and find your own adventure to go on.  This one can be found on Hwy M on the way to Boulder Junction called Arthur Stevenson’s Homestead Cache

Stay tuned for awesome loon pics and Sucker Jumping at Cedar Falls