I took these pictures from our beach.  The loons were fishing right in front of the resort.  They could have cared less that I was there.  Enjoy and grab a cup of coffee insert sound of loons

If you look at the back of the loon I think you can see one of the leg bands on this loon.  Our loons are banded and we have had the same loons for the last few years.  The loon researchers put unique combinations of color bands on each leg that is unique to each loon in order to keep track of them.  I do not know the exact color combination of the Lower Kaubashine loons but I will see if I can forward this picture to the loon guru and see what they have to say

Diving for fish.  I have never caught them mid dive before.  If you take 50 pictures you are bond to catch the right shot with one of them.  The secret to photography is not necessarily knowing what you are doing but take a lot of pictures and use the crop board