What is the difference between The Hilton and Black’s Cliff….  At the Hilton they pretend that everything works and is completely clean nobody pees in the pool, TV reception is always perfect, nobody drops trees and hits things and for heavens sake they don’t put it on their website.   Ohhh and I almost forgot they have Paris with her little chihuahua’s , we have Craig and Poe.  Craig and Poe are much cuter

Keep this in mind as the attempt is made to launch the pontoon boat

Pontoon boat cleaned and ready to go, Poe very excited can’t you tell.  Pontoon boat cleaner than Paris’s bathroom

Pontoon boat heading off the trailer and everything looks good just like an add for the Hilton minus the bikinis

Poe waiting for the engine to start.  Drifting closer to the exit creek by Hilltop…  What is that strange smell in the air…..  Motor is sputtering…..

The above blob is what Troy pulled out of the engine when he took the cover off.  A mouse had made its nest in the engine and left behind the nest and a winters worth of excrement which was creating the smell that was mixing with gas create a truly foul stench

Not in his swimsuit like Paris Hilton but still willing to dive in and rescue us…. until the smell made him think twice…

After finally firing up the engine and burning off the remaining mouse pee off the engine we finally made it back into the dock for Troy and Craig to check the motor over

Picking out the remaining parts of the mouse nest out of the engine.  Looks like no major damage done that an air freshener will not fix.  Few foul words said about rodents not fit even for Paris Hilton to say

Burning off the remaining mouse pee on the way back to the resort with a breeze blowing in back of us.  Perfect way to end the first pontoon boat ride of the year… grumble grumble.  Really got to figure out how Paris manages to pull off all those motels without dealing with mouse pee, but I bet she does not have nearly as much fun doing her job